adaware new object?

  only me 10:50 30 Aug 2004

hi peeps
i hope you can help i did scan with adaware it found 1 new object/1 object recognized.
i checked in / next/tracking co/file/ got Data Miner//c.\documents and setting and what looked like 1 do it has happened before and i put it in quarantine but it keeps coming back when i do scan i have B/Band /XP Home

  rawprawn 11:00 30 Aug 2004

Are you sure it's the same one, there are a lot of them about even on innocent looking sites. Don't bother with quarantine, just delete them.

  Gongoozler 11:10 30 Aug 2004

Most of what AdAware detects are fairly harmless cookies. The only way to stop them is to disallow cookies via Tools - Internet Options and to put in a HOSTS file click here, but as the cookies rarely do any harm, and many links won't work unless you allow them, you may not feel it is worth the bother.

  only me 11:15 30 Aug 2004

Hi rawprawn
i don't how to delete? i press delete but nothing happens? can you run me through how to do it please? thanks for quick response.

  Gongoozler 11:20 30 Aug 2004

Hi only me. After AdAware detects the objects, click Next. You will get a list of the detected objects. Put a tick in the boxes alongside all those you want to delete and click Next.

  rawprawn 11:33 30 Aug 2004

First open Adaware/Status/ click Open quarantine list/ right click on the list select Delete all Archives. That will empty your Objects quarantined, then next time you scan,if it automatically puts objects in quarantine delete them as above. I don't know why it puts some objects in quarantine when you delete them, I think it must be the default for the Free version. Someone out there may know more about it

  rawprawn 11:35 30 Aug 2004

Thanks Gongoozler I hadn't realised that he wasn't ticking the boxes.

  Stuartli 11:35 30 Aug 2004

You can also stop a lot of cookies from Tools>Internet Options>Privacy tab>Advanced button>enable First Party Cookies and Always allow Session Cookies and use either Prompt or Block for Third Party cookies.

When you visit a website you will normally get a panel asking if you wish to Allow or Block cookies.

Unless you wish to use the website, such as for ordering goods etc, select Block.

The majority of websites can have the cookies blocked; it won't stop you actually being able to navigate around websites.

It also cuts down the number of spybots that Ad-aware and S and D 1.3 will find when scanning.

  only me 11:55 30 Aug 2004

i think it might have been solved?

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