AdAware - how necessary.

  Pidder 18:12 04 Dec 2003

Many folks seem to advise the use of AdAware. I am running Win 98SE with ZoneAlarm firewall and an anti-virus. I downloaded and installed AdAware but found it perplexing to use, so uninstalled it. I seem to have no problems. Is it really a must have, if so is there an idiot's guide to it's use?

  Gaz 25 18:21 04 Dec 2003

Adaware scans for spyware and files that may affect privacy, cause IE or Windows to crash, dial premium rate phone lines, etc...

They are all nasties and should really be removed, it might stop the PC man coming round to fix your system on the odd occasion. I have seen so many PCs filled with spyware, as soon as it is removed the PC speeds up again. It gives your PC a new fresh feel. Its worth it. The creators of spyware, dont create realiable files, so they crash, and anyway they are sending info out that you may not want, such as credit cards. BDE for example uses your HDD to store ADVERT hosting for Internet Adverts.

Its easy, install > update > click scan > full scan > next....

Tick all the boxes it finds and delete.

Easy!! Need more help? Post here!!!!

  Falkyrn 18:23 04 Dec 2003

leave it on default settings

run scan

get rid of whatever it finds

It's not a "must have" program but a (very)useful tool for keeping your system clear of much of the spyware which is out there.

Much of the tracking tools traced are harmless and monitor only generalities in connection with your browsing but some are more intrusive

  Michendi 18:29 04 Dec 2003

It is not the function of a firewall [eg ZoneAlarm] or an AntiVirus to monitor for marketing surveillance type software, as these do not fall into any malware category [eg viruses, trojans, worms or network attacks].
The purpose of AdAware is to remove programs that monitor your every move while you are online. No, you won't have any problems - that is the underlying design of these programs - to remain totally transparent to the infected system.
There are only really 2 important things to know about using the free version of AdAware.
1. Update the reference file regularly - this is achieved with a single click on the link.
2. Run the Scan regularly - click on Start at the bottom right corner of the AdAware UI. Go with the default settings these are right for most systems. In any case the free version does not have a great deal that is user-configurable.
Yes, I think it is a necessary accessory.

  Pidder 18:31 04 Dec 2003

Thanks for your quick responses. My concern is in deciding what to let AdAware delete. I don't want to mess up my access to important sites such as PCA or my bank etc. Is it rather a question of "trial and error"?

  VoG II 18:33 04 Dec 2003

By default Ad-aware puts things in quarantine so that you can recover them if necessary.

Personally I just let it delete everything it finds and have never had a problem.

  Pidder 19:14 04 Dec 2003

Thanks all. I've reinstalled, scanned and deleted as advised. Fingers crossed.

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