adaware full scan on three 150g hds.. how long to wait?

  theDarkness 19:01 18 Jun 2010

im running a full scan on my 1.6gig athlon 2gig ram desktop, how long should I have to wait for scanning (full scan mode) with adaware free, as a rough guess? I have 2 hard drives, which adds up to around 300 gig of used space to check. im 5 hours into the scan now and it doesnt look like im anywhere near finished, although im guessing this might be due to alot of compressed content/media files? should i wait another 5+ hrs or just cancel and set it up, changing its default settings? thanks

  mooly 19:37 18 Jun 2010

Might take quite a while... never used adaware but a full security scan (MSE) takes around 50 minutes for my 50gb C drive and that's only one third full.

  theDarkness 20:57 18 Jun 2010

I titled my post wrong. its two hard drives, drive one is split into two partitions (the first partition is labelled as C, with my windows installed files. the second partition is D, which has my multimedia, which adaware is exceptionally slow at scanning-roughly two mp3s per second at the moment).

my second hard drive is 'E' and has no partitions, I should have probably disconnected it before starting a full adaware scan, as thats almost a copy of D, which I use as my main backup of files/utilities to install together with my music collection I converted to mp3-which took a long time on its own! adaware is now scanning the D partition mp3 collection, very slow, and now 7 hours have passed. perhaps i just need a faster cpu! if adaware scans in order, surely this would give the impression that it has scanned windows (C partition) fully already- and reasonably effectively, with no problems listed, so I can more or less safely stop the scan? I never install anything to D or E.


  lotvic 21:43 18 Jun 2010

might as well let it finish now, so that you get a proper log report.
I'm not sure that it will be able to log anything if you stop the scan.

  theDarkness 13:25 19 Jun 2010

I cancelled after waking up when the desktop was still on-the scan was up to 12+ hours. I wont be doing a full scan again on such a slow machine :)
It gave a full log report up to where it stopped.

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