Adaware.....and data minor.

  giantsquid 22:12 15 Jul 2003

Hi to all,
I use the above programme along with AVG and Sygate and they all do a good job as far as keeping the baddies from getting to me is concerned.
I get quite a few Data minor spy's putting their packets on my comp, and they all seem to be the same ones, every time I do a scan these little devils come back is there a way to stop these little swines getting to me so that they are intercepted before they can enter my comp, thanks for your help,

  obbit 22:16 15 Jul 2003

click here

it's free and only needs to be run then closed for it to work

  VoG II 22:16 15 Jul 2003

SpywareBlaster will stop some but not all click here

  VoG II 22:17 15 Jul 2003


  obbit 22:18 15 Jul 2003


  jazzypop 22:23 15 Jul 2003

The Data Miners that AdAware refers to are usually cookies. Your browser will be able to stop most, if not all of them, or you could download a 3rd-part program such as CookieCop. There are plenty of others, and Google will find them all for you, but be aware that many sites require cookies in order to function correctly.

  obbit 22:24 15 Jul 2003

click here

have a look here

  Jays 22:32 15 Jul 2003

I get pop up messages from a site that tells me I can't stop them as they are messages coming through ~Windows messenger and the only way to get rid of them is by buying there product. I am assuming they are harmless. My firewall does not seem to notice them

  VoG II 22:34 15 Jul 2003

You are in totally the wrong thread but click here

  setanta23 22:39 15 Jul 2003

I use this programme - it is not free but then the best rarely is.

click here

They do however allow u to download a copy and run it.

It then tells u what is there and grades them for u.

I used a lot of spyware type killer programmes and it was only when i used this that i got rid of the lot.

  Jays 22:56 15 Jul 2003

Sorry VoG - but thanks anyway

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