adaware 6.0 version ?corrupt download file?

  end 01:21 31 Oct 2004

trying to update adaware; refuses;

"build 000001 26.10.2002
date 26.10.2002

not found or corrupted"
according to my machine;
anyone else having" a bit o" trubble:)"

I knew I should have gone to bed:)

  end 01:04 31 Oct 2004

not being funny, but could the adaware site itself have got a bug or something on/in it::)))
just to cheer us all up:)

  AnthonyB 01:07 31 Oct 2004

i came here just to see if my computer was just playing up, but no, there was a prob. I now have adawre SE on and the file from the link



  end 01:08 31 Oct 2004

erm..i think my thread has been "affected" by the change in the time settings at this hour of the day;;;could only happen to me I suppose ; thread should make for some " interesting reading" :)

  AnthonyB 01:09 31 Oct 2004

hmmm my post above came above yours - must be something to do with turning the clocks back!

  end 01:16 31 Oct 2004

well , I now have a confused thread and a confused adaware programe and a confused PC ;
really could only happen to me:)

I"ll check in later to see the state of play:)
I intend sticking with my adaware programe, but maybe someone can suggest a way out of this for me later today ( at least I hope so)..

  kev.Ifty 01:32 31 Oct 2004

How's about Ad-Aware SE. click here

Try installing and updating this!

Cheers Kev.

  sicknote 01:45 31 Oct 2004

I'm getting the same error as you.I'm using adware 6.0 professional

  User-312386 01:48 31 Oct 2004

from click here

save it to disc then put it in C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE Personal

  lahorie 11:03 31 Oct 2004

Hi Guys

I was having the same problem, " corrupted ref file and stopped at 5%"

Try this link, save to where you ad-aware software is located normally c:\program files\lavasoft\adaware.

click here

click here

Run the program, you should be OK.


ps sorry guys can't get these links working so use copy and paste in your browser

  lahorie 11:04 31 Oct 2004

ignore the links bit, they are working


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