rotormota 14:46 24 Jul 2005


Just wondered if there is any form of adaptor/lead/connector available to enable me to use my widescreen tv as a PC monitor?

It is a 2 year old flat widescreen but without a proper PC input socket which some of the latest LCDs now have.

If such an adaptor has not been invented yet then why not?!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:52 24 Jul 2005

leads / adators depend on what outputs you have from :

1. your PC

2. your TV

Most TVs have scart connections and scart adapotors can be purchased for approx £5 the one I have allows an svideo and audio connection from the PC click here

  Strawballs 16:43 24 Jul 2005

I have a set of leads that came with my laptop but I hope you are not expecting too much in the way of quality as tv screens are a much lower resolution than PC screens unless it is a LCD or plasma

  Stuartli 17:46 24 Jul 2005

You need a graphics card with a TV Out facility - the most likely lead combination(s) will be a VGA cable or a (yellow) RCA Phono plug and red and white jackplugs from the card to a Scart lead for the TV (white is left, red right sound outputs).

  GaT7 18:25 24 Jul 2005

To purchase the cable kit - 5m kit: click here & 10m kit: click here (the cables also come in 15m if required).

To confirm what the others have said: your PC (or graphics card) needs a TV-out + an audio line out (integrated sound or soundcard should have this - only required if you need the sound to come out of the TV's speakers) & your TV a standard scart input. G

  woodchip 18:47 24 Jul 2005

And it will not be any good as a monitor, it's OK for games but not for text

  €dstowe 18:49 24 Jul 2005

Go up close to your TV set - as you would to a computer monitor and look at the extremely poor definition. That's the reason a TV set is no good for computer use.

  Stuartli 18:51 24 Jul 2005

I got a Tevion PC to TV Scart cable and adapters kit that cost £5.99 at Aldi about 18 months ago - the main leads are both 10m in length (S-Video to S-Video + RCA and audio).

There's also a Scart converter (Scart input/output + audio, RCA and S-Video connections), an S-Video adapter and a stereo mini-jack adapter - what's more they are all "gold" plated...:-)

  rotormota 20:58 24 Jul 2005

Cheers folks. Interesting answers. Might give it a try or just buy a new LCD tv.


  goonerbill © ® 21:22 24 Jul 2005

as mentioned by some of the others. your graphics card will need a tv out socket/connector. if your card does have one, it would have come with the cables and use a scart connector ( little device that has scart connector one side and 3 sockets/holes ( 1 yellow, 1 red and 1 white ) + connector socket between yellow and red.

plus also picture will not be of good quality. ok for playing games and watching dvd's ( site at least 6/8 feet away from tv ) but you will have one hell of a time reading text.

was using a setup like this for six months, 2 years ago for games and that my graphics card also had tv in, so i could record from tv as well.

  Strawballs 22:15 24 Jul 2005

If you get LCD tv as you said it will probably have the same connection on it as a monitor

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