adapter required for adsl cable.

  Meshuga 18:20 19 Apr 2006

I am changing the faceplate on my master bt socket for an adsl filtered faceplate and the new one has 2 sockets on the front. One is a standard bt phone socket and the other is an adsl rj11 socket. The original faceplate only had one bt socket. I now need an adaptor to plug into the new adsl socket to convert it to a bt standard phone socket. Otherwise it means a new 10 metre run of RJ45 to RJ11 cable from the router to the master socket which has to pass through two walls. Anyone know of such an adaptor please. I have checked Maplin and Cableuniverse withot success.

  Confab 18:41 19 Apr 2006

The whole point is that you plug your modem into the faceplate.

  Stuartli 18:45 19 Apr 2006

But you've said the new ADSL faceplate has two sockets, one being a BT phone socket and the other an ADSL outlet...:-)

You can increase the BT socket's outlet with a two, three or four way adapter.

Tesco has four way adapters at very reasonable prices and two or three way versions are about £1.50 to £2.

  Stuartli 18:52 19 Apr 2006

The BT socket adapter will take an ADSL filter into which you can plug a BT phone line and an ADSL cable.

  Confab 19:00 19 Apr 2006

I thought that the whole point of the ADSL filtered faceplace that replaces your master socket was to "split" the phone line from the adsl line at the point of entry to your house so that you no longer need filters on any extension. Phone lines plug into the "Phone" socket and your modem has to connect to the ADSL socket. Thats how mine works anyhow.


  Ray5776 19:23 19 Apr 2006

Not sure what you mean here, what was there before and what do you actually want to achieve. Reading your posting it seems that you want to connect your router 10mtrs away to the master socket using a standard phone extension lead which is fine, what puzzles me is why you have put in an additional RJ11 socket and want to convert it back to standard phone.

This sounds an easy enough thing to sort without you having to run a new cable but a little more info would help.


  beeuuem 19:38 19 Apr 2006

Not too sure I understan the question but is this the answerclick here

  ruskle 19:43 19 Apr 2006

I have changed the standard BT socket to the BT-ADSL type and it is over a small cupboard, I have a Wi Fi Router Modem in this cupoard linked to the socket and this makes a very neat installation. I have no more wires around the house and laptop is Wi Fi. I did a similar job for a lady but she has a fixed desktop PC with Wi Fi card installed. Same solution, no wires around the house for her dog to chew.


  Ray5776 19:45 19 Apr 2006

From what he says he wants the adaptor the other way round which is one of the things confusing me.

  Meshuga 20:16 19 Apr 2006

There seems to be some confusion here so I`ll try and explain. My connection from router has always been via a cable from router to master bt box plugging in to the master box with a normal bt plug. Having fitted the new faceplate this has 2 sockets, one for the normal phone and the other has an adsl socket which my original cable wont fit, so I need an adapter which has a male adsl end to plug in and which has a bt female socket for my original cable to plug into. The new faceplate has a builtin filter so I dont want another. The pictures shown in one post are the wrong way round. I know I can go wireless but that is an expensive way of doing it. If all else fails I will get a new cable from Cableuniverse with a RJ45 on one end and a RJ11 on the other. the adapter is the simplest way. Many thanks for all the replies.

  Confab 21:09 19 Apr 2006

Have you fitted one of these?

click here

If so whats the make/model of your router


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