AD HOC network between Win Xp and Win98

  phoenixd7w1515 13:33 25 Mar 2005

i am currently trying to set up an ad hoc network between a Windows 98 laptop aand windows xp home edition PC. both have Belkin wireless network adapters set to Ad hoc network connections with the same workgroup names. both computers have static IP addresses in the 192.168.2.*** range. i am trying to share files and a Bradband connection between them. ICS is enbaled on the connection. for the 98 laptop i am using BElkins config utility and for Xp i am using the built in windows WZC utility. both computers pickup on the MSHOME network and both connected. but each computer cant see the other. at times i have been able to pibg the Laptop from the PC but not the other way round. How can i get these two computers to see each other and to share files, printers and the broadband connection. Thanks for any help you may be able to give

  phoenixd7w1515 13:57 25 Mar 2005

I have just fiddled with my Norton Internet Security 2004 firewall and can now ping both computers from each other but can still not connect to the internet from the laptop over the wireless connection and the computers still do not see each other

  Yoda Knight 14:52 25 Mar 2005

Have you done a search through the forums for help on this ? All the usual checks have been covered in extensive detail in the past.

I cant help with wireless unfortunately... :)

  phoenixd7w1515 17:30 26 Mar 2005

Yes i have and have tried everything suggested but nada. anyone got some radical and completely insane idea that might work.

  hssutton 17:46 26 Mar 2005

This will be of no help whatsoever,I have almost the same problem, but just occassionally I can access the internet from the win 98 m/c. Signal strength is ok, used all the wizards all to no avail. I'm thinking of buying a copy of XP, hoping that will solve the problem

  phoenixd7w1515 21:00 26 Mar 2005

Thanks to Yoda night for his suggestion and to hssutton for preventing me from qualifying for a strait jacket over the fact that i am the only one having this problem.
i have run the windows xp network setup wizard on both computers and can now connect to the internet through my laptop at the same speed as my desktop does, but still the computers cannot see each other and i can still not share files and folders. still holding out for that radical and insane solution that will fix this. thanks again to yoda night and hssutton. Phoenixd7w1515

  mosfet 21:27 26 Mar 2005

My money is on the Firewall.Has Norton got trusted zones?...Or uninstall it to try,Its usually no use disabling.

  maz2 22:12 26 Mar 2005

My money is also on the firewall, you need to configure it so that both computers can see each other I don't know about Norton but that's what I had to do with Trend it's easier this year as it automatically find's it, however........this will sort you problem with the internet connection but will not allow sharing of files and folders. I've been trying for over 12 months and I can't get it to work, I also have a 98 and XP and no way can I get it work so I gave up, it's most probably because they have different OS

  stuc100 22:21 26 Mar 2005

Try click here. Worked for me

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