ad dvd drive

  dirgo 18:31 15 Nov 2008

hi can anyone tell me how to add another dvd drive .i have taken the side off my computer and the ribbon goes from the dvd drive to the hardrive then to the mother board so can someone tell me how i would add another thanks

  MAT ALAN 18:41 15 Nov 2008

click here

with a cable as shown in link...

just need to make sure its long enough

  mgmcc 19:20 15 Nov 2008

It appears that, at the moment you have only one ribbon cable which is connected to the motherboard's Primary channel, with the hard drive as the Master device and the DVD drive as the Slave device.

There should be another socket on the motherboard for the Secondary IDE channel. You would plug a second ribbon cable into that, set the new DVD drive's jumper to Master and plug the ribbon cable into it too.

  dirgo 19:45 15 Nov 2008

thanks for the info but i can,t see another connection on the motherboard, only one for a floppy dd does this mean i can,t add another cd/dvd drive

  MAT ALAN 19:51 15 Nov 2008

but i can,t see another connection on the motherboard..

You don't need one, take old single connect cable out of MOBO put in double connect, VIOLA you done...

  dirgo 20:23 15 Nov 2008

ok you have done me now i have no idea what mobo is ! or the viola bit this sounds like techno lingo, can you simplify into dummie lingo please?

  MAT ALAN 20:32 15 Nov 2008

Motherboard, ignore the other bit!

  dirgo 20:55 15 Nov 2008

clicked on what now short for motherboard but what do i need to get is it a double socket that connects into the single one on the mobo

  MAT ALAN 21:44 15 Nov 2008

the cable shown in my previous link is all you need, one end goes into the MOBO the connector in the middle goes to one optical drive the connector at the end goes to the other...

  dirgo 22:13 15 Nov 2008

going to have to give this one a miss i think, MAT as the cable in your link shows only 3 cons on it i have already got one of these in my computer. i have only one connection on the mobo. one on the hd. and one on the cd disc drive thats 3 connections but i want to add another dvd drive this will make 4 connection in total but the cable in your link only has 3 or am i missing something?

  MAT ALAN 22:43 15 Nov 2008

or am i missing something?

Dirgo does your MOBO not have another eide channel connection next to the one with the ribbon in it if it does not it may have sata headers so all is not lost..

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