Ad block Plus update caused bsod?

  martd7 21:06 12 Feb 2015

Unusual event,as I was looking on ebay yesterday I had a BSOD,something ive never had on my 2yr old Win7 pc

As the pc rebooted back onto the desktop a message came up something like "abp has successfully updated"

Anyone else experience this or is it coincidence?

  xania 09:20 13 Feb 2015

I assume that you have already installed and its update was not totally unexpected?

It is more likely that something else was the cause of the bsod and that the update timing was coincidental.

The odd bsod is not something to worry about - its one way tat Windows protects you when something goes awry. If it occurs more frequently you will need to check your Event Viewer to see what is causing problems, but just the one event - I wouldn't worry.

  martd7 09:38 13 Feb 2015

Its been installed for sometime,I didnt initiate the update,thats what made me think it caused the blue screen

  xania 09:59 13 Feb 2015

Have you asked for/agreed to automatic updates?

You may wish to balance the risks against the benefits, but, as I said before, if this is a one-off, don't worry.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:14 13 Feb 2015

Mart, Adblock Plus probably doesn't hook into the operating system enough to cause a catastrophic failure so it's unlikely to be the culprit.

If you're concerned and you'd like me to analyse the crash-dump file for your BSoD then upload it to a file-sharing site and post the link to it here. You can find it in the C:\Windows\Minidump folder. The file will have a .dmp extension and its time and date will match the occurrence of your BSoD.

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