Ad-Aware update SE1R30 08.03.2005

  Lionheart ? 08:29 08 Mar 2005

Updated Definitions



BargainBuddy +2


CoolWebSearch +4

Dialer.UKVideo2 +2




Dialer.TIB Browser



IBIS-Toolbar +2

IEHijacker.SearchExe +2



MidAddle +2

Prutect +2

ShopAtHome Agent +6


TVMediaBHO +3


WindUpdates (BlazeFind) +9

  Meshuga 08:32 08 Mar 2005

Thanks Lionheart.

  rawprawn 08:37 08 Mar 2005

Thank you, on the ball as usual I see.

  Lionheart ? 08:38 08 Mar 2005

Good morning to you.

  KBEARS 08:59 08 Mar 2005

Thanks Lionheart

  Mat2 09:39 08 Mar 2005

Morning Lionheart ?, many thanks.

  obbit 09:49 08 Mar 2005

Well some one is messing about. I'm with NTL, I know, it's my own fault. I opened Ad-aware before I came here. No new updates. Visited hello SE1R30 available. No problem I can download manually and it works for me. To my surprise after downloading SE1R30 and replacing the existing Defs file I find that I have downloaded SE1R28 and my Def file is 20 days old would I like to check for updates? YOU BET I DO. SE1R30 ready to update. I'll try it in desperation. Hey presto I get SE1R30. I can't explain it can any one else?

  jbp1982 09:53 08 Mar 2005

NTL bloody hell.

Had to manually download SE1R29 from another machine the other day on an adsl service. Swapped files over and it worked.

Just now, I checked for the update and ad-aware downloaded it (SE1R30 stated on the comfirm download bit)), it reverted back to SE1R28!!

What's going on......??

  obbit 10:00 08 Mar 2005

I'm seriously thinking of uninstalling Ad-aware.

  jbp1982 10:07 08 Mar 2005

On another thread they are blaming NTL. Im having big problems with (NTL) them too....

  obbit 10:23 08 Mar 2005

It is NTL that are at fault. I've written to them they say they can't do anything about it because Lavasoft uses port 80 and a transparent proxy server.

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