Ad-aware : uninstall problem.

  Alan Ryan 09:07 26 Nov 2003

If I select the Ad-aware program in Control Panel Add/Remove, the uninstall procedure is stopped by a prompt that reads: Wise Uninstall: Could not open INSTALL.LOG file.
Can anyone explain what's going on here, please, and how I can work around this obstacle. Thanks.

  wags 09:21 26 Nov 2003

You should use adaware's own uninstaller: start-programs-Lavasoft-uninstall. I have done this several times when uninstalling prior to installing the later version of this excellent freeware, without any problems.

  Alan Ryan 09:26 26 Nov 2003

Thanks, wags. I don't know why this didn't occur to me. I'll give a go right away.

  Alan Ryan 09:38 26 Nov 2003

Still hit the same buffer from this route. What is the Unwise.exe file ? Should I just delete it and then try the Uninstall again ?

  Jester2K II 09:41 26 Nov 2003

Reinstall it then uninstall. Part of the Uninstall information has become corrupt. The Uninstall icon on the Start Menu and the Add / remove Programs entry do exactly the same thing so the same problem will be encountered.

  Alan Ryan 09:50 26 Nov 2003

OK Jester, I'll do what you suggest and see what happens. My reason for uninstalling this useful program in the first place was because it wasn't
running properly and I hoped to download a later version.

  Alan Ryan 10:17 26 Nov 2003

Have followed your instructions and now have the latest Ad-aware version running perfectly. Thanks a lot.

  Jester2K II 10:18 26 Nov 2003


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