Ad-aware and Spybot- one for each

  Tenacious Green 20:36 05 Oct 2004

Two questions if I may. First in relation to Ad-aware : Tonight after updating to Version 1.5 I ran a search on the computer whilst I was logged on then whilst in my wifes log-on removing the desktop icon (she hasn't a clue) I ran Ad-aware again. It found 8 data minor cookies which it did'nt find on my search. Why? I checked that the all users function was enabled in expert settings. Its puzzling me? (It also found alexa reg key in my sons profile when I tried it on his)
Secondly can someone simply explain the purpose of the immunize buttton in Spybot and when it should be used?
Thanks in anticipation.

  Mr Beaujangles 20:52 05 Oct 2004

Not sure about the Adaware problem but the Spybot one is fairly straightforward. When you run a spybot search, it comes up with all items it has in its database that it identifies as a potential problem. It shows the title of these items and the link gives further insight as to why it thinks it is a problem. You - the operator, then have a decision to make. Do you get spybot to fix it i,e, get rid of it - if it can or, if it is something you actually use and accept the possible problems associated with it - you can keep. If you are unsure about it, then you can simply immunise it i,e, it is still on your puter - but is effectively disabled. If after having done this you find that a) your computer or b) other programmes are no longer woking right, then you can enable them again. Alexa key is just one of those things. Some folks see it very much as spyware - even though it has its uses. Others who have had use of it for a while and really like it (no accounting for some folks tastes!) can just ignore the warnings spybot gives. At the end of the day, spybot is about having another option to help keep your computer clean.


  VoG II 20:57 05 Oct 2004

Immunize Search & Destroy

Beginning from version 1.2, Spybot-S&D allows you to immunize your computer against some spyware. It currently offers three different immunities:

Permanent Internet Explorer immunity

Similar to JavaCools SpywareBlaster, this allows you to tweak some internal Internet Explorer settings to block the installation of known spyware (and similar threats) installers. Spybot-S&D is able to set all entries for those that are in its database to be blocked. If you want to distinguish, you should install SpywareBlaster.

Permanently running bad download blocker for Internet Explorer

This is a second layer of protection for IE. While the Permanent Immunity blocks installers by their ActiveX ID, this one blocks anything that should come through by different aspects.
You can view a log of blocked installers in the Tools / Resident section.

Permanent Opera immunity

This list shows all Opera profiles, and how many of the plugins that Spybot-S&D knows as bad are already blocked in each profile. To set the complete protection, just tick the checkbox in front of the profile you want to protect. To remove the protection, untick the checkbox.

Not many browser plugins are currently working for Opera, but the try to install some may crash Opera, and ActiveX support for Opera is available in third-party beta software, so use this function as a pre-caution against future misuse of Opera through spyware.

!This feature will (certainly) only be displayed if you have Opera installed on your system!

  Jackcoms 21:02 05 Oct 2004

I've found that when using AdAware it's probably best to have all users logged on when you run a scan.

You can then run it from whichever desktop you choose without having to run 3 or 4 (or however many users there are for your machine) separate scans.

  Tenacious Green 21:08 05 Oct 2004

Thanks, but can you see why I asked on here, It makes little sense to a mere computer mortal like me. The question I still have is should I use the immunize button or stick to fix proeblems when found?

Thanks Jackcoms - But is there any way of just running the one scan as administrator otherwise my computer life will be purely made up of scanning adware and spyware. I have 4 other users on the PC

  Tenacious Green 21:10 05 Oct 2004

Sorry, but this seperate scanning be the same with Spybot too? (I hope not)

  Tenacious Green 21:40 05 Oct 2004


  VoG II 21:43 05 Oct 2004

If you install the latest Ad-aware there is an option on installing to make it available to all users. click here

SpywareBlaster is better than Immunize click here

  Tenacious Green 21:51 05 Oct 2004

Is it alright to have all these programs on , No conflicts I take it. What about Cw shredder, should I get that aswell.

  VoG II 21:55 05 Oct 2004

There are no conflicts. You only really need CWShredder if you are hijacked by a search engine (you will know soon enough if you are!).

  Tenacious Green 21:59 05 Oct 2004

Thanks for your assistance. One last question though that hasn't quite been answered - With Ad-aware I assume from the replies above that each individual user has to run it and that the administrator can't run one search for all. (sorry if i'm misunderstanding)

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