AD-AWARE SE. now i'm getting very fed up deleting

  fitzy- 2nd 14:01 08 Nov 2004


I've been using the free AD-AWARE SE. now i'm getting very fed up with having to keep
deleting theses so called tracking websites, it's something to do with a tracking cookie data stored on your computer in the form of a cookie and is shared between two or more websites to enable them to track your movements across the web. gathering information about your interests, and gather statistics when visiting their sites.

Also i have noticed this keeps popping up on all my web-sites i look at. [AD]

Will i have to buy software to stop this? or is there some else i can do to stop it.

All replies much appreciated.

  rawprawn 14:11 08 Nov 2004

It's surely not much of a problem to delete them, you don't need to tick them individually Right click on the finds and choose selectall/then delete.

  Tenacious Green 14:12 08 Nov 2004

It's Spyware and should be dealt with as such - Deleted.

I am not aware of any software to stop tracking cookies and suspect that like normal cookies if you did block them you probably wouldn't be allowed acces to the website in question.

In addition a right click and select isn't too mush bother is it?

  GaT7 14:57 08 Nov 2004

You could setup IE to 'prompt' for cookies & "permanently" block the ones you don't want. [I put "permanently" in quotes as it's not really permanent & can be undone should you have problems accessing those sites in the future.] To do this follow the advice (by Stuartli or myself) posted on this thread - click here.
Also, get SpywareBlaster click here, that blocks a lot of scum as you surf & doesn't slow down your PC as it 'works in the background'. G

  david.h 15:51 08 Nov 2004

if you install spyblaster this will stop a very high percentage of spyware leaving adaware / spybot to mop up the odd one that gets through.

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