Ad-aware Scanning Problem:

  Alan Ryan 11:28 05 Dec 2003

Recently, I had difficulty with the Ad-aware scanning engine: I did an uninstall and reinstall and everything seemed OK. Now I find that in Scan Settings, having ensured that in Drives + Folders, only 'C' Drive is selected, the scanning process is interrupted by a request to insert a disk in Drive D (DVD/CD-R Drive). It is difficult to delete this request, and the procedure has to be abandoned. I've got something wrong here, but can anyone say what please ?

  terminus 12:12 05 Dec 2003

I can't help I'm afraid I can only suggest you delete Ad-aware, and run SpyBot here

  MichelleC 13:18 05 Dec 2003

This fix cured the same problem click here

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