Ad-Aware - Running processes?

  Dirty Dick 13:35 22 Jun 2004

When I run Ad-Aware a window opens informing me that there are 35 running processes. I do not have any programmes running (as far as I can see!). Does this info mean that there are 35 programmes running in the background. If this is correct, how do I find out what they are, and will this affect my PCs performance. Do I need to shut all or any of them.

  bertiecharlie 13:42 22 Jun 2004

Ita quite normal to have that number of processes running in the background. If you open up Task Manager you will see the names of the processes. click here to become familiar with them.

  bertiecharlie 14:03 22 Jun 2004

Just to add. If you go to Start/Run and type in msconfig you will be able to identify the programmes that are atarting up when you start your computer. You will be able to stop some of these starting up automatically by unticking the appropriate box but do it with care.

Most programmes that you put on your computer seem to think its essential that they start when your machine starts.

If you are happy to spend a few pounds you might consider getting a utility programme which makes all this a lot easier. Tune Up Utilities 2004 is very good.

  dagwoood 15:57 22 Jun 2004

Regarding will it affect your performance, yes it could.

As all these processes are running, they are using RAM, making less RAM available for other programs that you want to run. If your system doesn't have a lot of RAM, this would mean your system would have to use Virtual memory(your page file)and this would realy slow down your system.

Also, as all these programs load on boot up, it'll make your boot up times longer.

I'd take bertiecharlie's advice and checkout what these processes are and disable the ones you don't require all the time.

(From what I've read on this forum, most members just have there anti-virus s/w and firewall s/w running on boot up. Myself, I only have 14 processes running when I perform an AdAware scan).

Hope this helps, dagwoood.

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