Ad Aware or similar for Windows 95?

  Silverbeard 19:23 28 Nov 2004

I want to keep my antiquated PC going for net access for another few months. It's 233MMX with windows 95. I'm using Opera, and Avast4 anti virus. Would like to use a nasty ad remover, but the recommended Adaware and Spybot search and destroy seem to be for Win 98 and later. Can anyone please suggest a suitable prog to run on Win 95 without tying it in knots?
Grateful for your help with this.

  Silverbeard 19:26 28 Nov 2004

I'm told I've been hogging the phone too long!! so will have to pick up any replies in the early morning.

  VoG II 19:39 28 Nov 2004

Ad-aware 6.0 click here is supposed to work on Windows 95. However, I don't think that you will be able to get any updates for it.

I know that Ad-aware SE click here is supposed to be suitable for Windows 98 onwards but it might be worth trying. If it won't run, you can always uninstall it.

  Silverbeard 12:16 29 Nov 2004

Apologies for being late in picking up your reply.
The day started with the cat being sick, and things just went on from there!

Thanks for your suggestion, Vog. I will give it a try. I must say that I am a wee bit surprised that there don't appear to be any suitable for Win 95. I know my old wreck is rather antiquated but surely there must be a lot of others clinging to their old machines for financial reasons. I'm pensioning mine off after Xmas.

Thanks again.

  emperor 13:11 29 Nov 2004


I have both Ad Aware SE 1.05 and Spybot S&D running on a Win 95 machine, a 166MMX.
There are one or two threads on the Lavasoft forums (look under Ad-Aware SE Personal (Free) heading) in the Windows 98 ... forum.
click here

Do a search for win95 and you should find all the help you need.

click here might be a good place to start.

  emperor 13:12 29 Nov 2004

Apologies for dropping the "l".

  Peter 00:56 11 Dec 2004


Thanks for your link to AdAware 6 and your advice to try AdAware SE. After I have taken a Ghost image of my drive I will try out AdAware SE. If that doesn't work out I will restore my Ghost image and try AdAware 6.

VoG™ - Thanks again for posting the link.


  Peter 00:46 12 Dec 2004

I took my Ghost image of my C: Drive and then tried to install AdAware SE without success. All that happened was a message window indicating that installation had started and then, after a few seconds, nothing. A small Install.log file was place in the root directory of the drive from whence the installation file was run which indicated that the installation was aborted, but no reason was given.

I tried to install AdAware 6 and exactly the same thing happened.

I shall just have to live without AdAware until I have purchased a replacement machine.


  Cuddles 01:14 12 Dec 2004

Why not upgrade the machine you have got to win 98se.

  Silverbeard 06:02 12 Dec 2004

Thanks for the responses. I will have to do without AdAware and SpyBot.

Agree that upgrade to Win 98SE would be best. But my machine is in such a mess that a clean install would be required. Have to get new PC first so I can transfer all the stuff I want to keep. Will have wait till after the New Year now.

Thanks again

  emperor 14:50 12 Dec 2004

People, I think you are missing the point here. The threads in the Lavasoft forums should allow you to get AdAware SE onto your machines without using the installation routine that is packaged around the program. The problem some of us encountered was exactly the one you have found, that it won't install directly. This is why it involves finding someone with it on a machine where it was installed and thenm copying the files over onto the Win95 machine. The program is not installed as such - the files are just copied over.

It will work, but requires a little effort. If you can' find someone with another machine to help, that is another matter.

The files you need for running AdAware SE on a Windows 95 machine are:

Ad-Aware SE default.ask

I assume you can put the main program directory where you want, but I have used c:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE Personal

In the main program directory you should create two sub-directories, one called Lang and the other Skins.

I don't know if the program will work without the Skins directory and file, but I include it to be sure.

In the Lang directory you should put the file Default.awl

In the Skins directory you should put the file Ad-Aware SE default.ask

The other files should all reside in the main program directory.

I also have an file called install.log but the contents of this were related to my XP. You may need to create a dummy file with this name, but I am not sure.

The Unwise.exe file may be redundant because the program is not being installed with the installer. Also, I do not know what the Unregaaw.exe file does, but it is included in case it is necessary.

You can create a Plugins sub-directory as well if you want to download any plugins at a later date. When you run the program it will create two other sub-directories for you, Logs and Quarantine. It will also create a number of other files with the settings you choose.

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