ad-aware objects

  MisterPaul 21:43 12 Feb 2004

I have run ad-aware a couple of times this week, and each time it has identified at least 10 objects. I have Zonealarm installed and running, and also have McAfee Viruscan.

Any ideas how these are getting onto my pc?



  Diodorus Siculus 21:46 12 Feb 2004

What are the objects? If cookies, then it comes from web browsing.

  spuds 23:52 12 Feb 2004

Ad-aware is not a firewall like ZoneAlarm or a virus scanner like McAfee, so it will act differently.Each time you run Ad-aware you will see new objects.Install SpyBot and you will most likely get very similar results.

  gudgulf 01:03 13 Feb 2004

Adaware (and spybot) only detect what is present on your pc ---they do not stop things being put there as you surf the web (spybot can innoculate against a number of these).So if you use them to remove adware/spyware,it wont stop them from coming back when you next visit the internet.

  Audeal 01:06 13 Feb 2004

Most of what you are getting is most probably Spyware. Ad-aware and Spybot will get rid of them, but what you need most is to stop them getting on your machine in the first place. I would suggest and recommend "Spyware Blaster" which you can get from here.
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  Diodorus Siculus 07:58 13 Feb 2004

This raises the question of what you are doing to get these thing on in the first place? I run Ad Aware on an occasional basis (maybe every couple of weeks) and all it throws up are cookies.

  MisterPaul 08:00 13 Feb 2004

I am doing anything. I don't visit dodgy sites. I thought that by having a virus scanner and firewall I would stop these objects getting on my pc?

  Jester2K 08:02 13 Feb 2004

Well you STILL haven't specified what these OBJECTS are! If you do so then we might have a better idea of where they come from. Not being able to see you PC we can't offer a more specific explanation.

  Taw® 09:57 13 Feb 2004

Re read Spuds advice on AV and Firewalls. If you do a search on PCA there is a wealth of information on AV Firewalls and Adware, they all work on different elements that people wish to add to your PC

  cycoze 10:27 13 Feb 2004

Most things showing up in ad-aware or spybot , have been downloaded within web pages/sites , as you have requested a particular page your Firewall has allowed it , if you block your web browser then no surfing , ad-aware etc are not Anti-virus programs and therefore do not detect viruses.

These objects , could be anything from cookies (as others have pointed out) ActiveX , BHO`s , Dialers , registry changes etc , embedded in web pages , using exploits that havent been patched .

You need to keep your Operating System up to date , along with your Web Browser , firewall and Anti-Virus alike , they all perform different tasks .

As pointed out above , post details of anything your unsure about , and people will try to explain them to you , not all things that show up in Ad-Aware and SpyBot are bad , you need to read and check any new objects , and deal with them accordingly , some other programs can restrict browser options from being changed , these could be shown up as bad , yet they are not .

  JerryJay 10:38 13 Feb 2004

Most objects are just cookies. They do not normally do much harm. If you got to internet options under tools on IE and delete files and delete cookies, then you run adaware, you will not find them anymore.

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