Ad Aware and MSA FD.DLL files

  STEVE71163 18:54 15 Feb 2003

Hi I wonder if anyone can help me? A friend of mine telephoned today to say his computer was on a go slow. One of the things i said to him was to download ad aware to delete any spyware etc. When he done a scan with ad aware it found 334 items which he deleted. Everything was running fine but now he keeps getting MSA FD.DLL error when he tries to go on the internet. Then he said it came up on the screen to do a virus scan as their may be a virus but he has been on broadband with a firewall but no antivirus! Any suggestions to this error message?

  STEVE71163 19:14 15 Feb 2003

He has just told me that the firewall has also been switched off!

  MAJ 19:26 15 Feb 2003

It's MSAFD.DLL. I would do a virus scan before anything else.

  VoG™ 19:27 15 Feb 2003

I just did a Google search for MSAFD.DLL and McAfee has warned me that Klez was disabled. Take care. Sorry I don't know which site it was exactly.

  STEVE71163 19:37 15 Feb 2003

Thanks. So does this mean MSAFD.DLL is a virus?

  VoG™ 21:09 15 Feb 2003

It seems to be a target click here

  STEVE71163 07:09 16 Feb 2003

Thanks VoG. It looks like he could well have a virus doesnt it! I cant believe the amount of people i have come across that are using broadband with no av or firewall. If he bought Norton Antivirus and done a scan could this sought it out?

  MAJ 08:41 16 Feb 2003

He doesn't need to buy Norton AV. Try AVG from Grisoft, it's free. click here Or he could try a free on-line scan at Housecall, click here

  STEVE71163 09:11 16 Feb 2003

Thanks MAJ but he cant connect up to the net since yesterday due to this virus (At least we think it is a virus) so all i can think of is to buy Norton.

  STEVE71163 18:27 17 Feb 2003

Thanks for your help everybody!

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