Ad-Aware home page.

  tonyx1302 11:06 18 Aug 2004

Morning all. Since upgrading Ad-Aware to SE version everytime I update which is daily, their home page loads up as well. How can I stop this please.
XP on B/B

Many thanks


  deke 11:13 18 Aug 2004

Its probably due to the new SE build 1.03 being ready for download

  Falkyrn 11:17 18 Aug 2004

Try checking the configuration settings

When program on screen top of the adaware console ,item looks like a cog there are various settings to alter within this ... the "default" menu item lists the settings for home page search page etc.

  tonyx1302 13:41 18 Aug 2004

Thanks for your suggestions. I tried both but none cured the problem so in the end I re-installed and everythings okay.

thanks again


  rev.bem 13:47 18 Aug 2004

It's probably as deke says.Uninstall your current version then download and install the latest version.

  rev.bem 13:48 18 Aug 2004

Doh late again :-)))

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