Ad-aware found these this morning??

  golfpro 09:42 29 Jun 2004

I ran my Ad-aware this morning as I have been having problems with Mailwasher etc. It found no less than 14 registry files and other files infected with something called "MediaticketsInstaller.ocx" linked to a "clickspring" whatever that is. I did a check in google and it seems it is "Spyware" of some sorts.
I deleted these with Ad-aware, but my question is would they remain in my registry or are they gone for good, if not what can I do to get rid of them completely.

  Bugzee 10:00 29 Jun 2004

have you tried spywareblaster click here it dosent remove spyware but it tells you where to look,so you can delete them manually

  Gongoozler 10:19 29 Jun 2004

AdAware usually does a good job of completely removing adware, spyware etc. If there is a registry entry it usually tells you so. You can prevent a lot of these things getting on your computer by using a HOSTS file. This contains a list of sites you don't want to download onto your computer, although this can cause complications. You can read about, and download a HOSTS file from this site click here. I have had a look and the HOSTS file from there includes

  Bugzee 10:22 29 Jun 2004

sorry i meant this site click here

  golfpro 10:30 29 Jun 2004

Bugzee, I already have spyware blaster, Zonealarm, Ad-aware, along with my Norton AV, how many more of these do I need????? It amazes me how they get through the bloody net, I'm usually very careful what I download and view etc. but still they come.........

  Gongoozler 10:48 29 Jun 2004

I just did a Google search for MediaticketsInstaller, and it found 3,630 references! It appears that have upset a lot of people.

  Gongoozler 10:51 29 Jun 2004

Look at this page from LavaSoft Support Forum click here

  golfpro 11:32 29 Jun 2004

Thanks Gongoozler, I will do another Ad-aware scan and then a reboot if it is still there.

  andy03 12:08 29 Jun 2004

Hi, has anyone had a problem with ad-ware hanging or freezeing on them, I have the latest full version and more often than not it refuses to respond, your help will be much appreciated.

  Gongoozler 12:14 29 Jun 2004

Hi andy03. I've had no trouble with AdAware actually freezing. It does sometimes appear to do so, but it is actually deep scanning some files and folders, but leave it alone and it eventually finishes the task.

  andy03 11:51 30 Jun 2004

Thanks Gongoozler, I'll see how it goes.
Cheers matey.

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