Ad-Aware dilemma

  JYPX 14:21 17 Aug 2004

The Lavasoft Forums would suggest that there are a number of issues/bugs with Ad-Aware 1.03 including slow running, conflicts, etc. I have noticed that the previous version, Ad-aware 6, is still accepting updates. Does anyone feel able to give an opinion about the level of protection offered to those of us who may decide to wait a couple of weeks?......

  Chegs ® 14:53 17 Aug 2004

If your happy with the "older" version,then stay with it.I updated to the newer version,had major hassles so returned to older one again.Then I read that Lavasoft had released another version,so changed to it and its been running fine since(about a week)The only prob you might have,is advertisers are always finding new ways to "spy" on surfing habits,using an older version could simply mean your AdAware isn't going to spot these(thats why there are sometimes 2 new "Ref" files arrive in a day)

  Benzo 14:56 17 Aug 2004

I use Ad-Aware 6 professional and personal and i do not believe that there is any thing wrong with it at all as long as it still gets updates id does the same job there is not much point upgrading i believe.


  maz2 14:57 17 Aug 2004

Although the old version appears to be updating I don't think it actually is, I had the old version and clicked the update it then reported update successfully received, however when I tried it again after about 1 minute it received the same update again successfully received, also the new version found far more files than the old one did

  MichelleC 15:12 17 Aug 2004

The newer v is slower but it cleared out 16 trojans the old one missed.

  researcher 18:12 17 Aug 2004

Ad-Aware SE has now replaced Ad-Aware 6. It spots lots more and has more configurable options.

You must remove old versions of Ad-Aware before installing new, if you do not this can be a cause of poor running of the new (and old?)

I do not know if the old versions are getting updated - Spybot S&D 1.2 is not. You could always check on Lavasofts (Ad-Aware) web-site.

Of course if you pay for the Plus or Pro versions, you can also ask direct questions by e-mail.

  JYPX 23:34 17 Aug 2004

Interesting comments. Thank you.

  Johny C 23:57 17 Aug 2004

I have just updated ad-aware 6 and it found 3 items. i uninstalld it and installed ad-aware se and it found 13 extra items. In my opinion the slight loss in performance is well worth upgrading for.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:05 18 Aug 2004

I've got the new version of ad-aware SE personal, and not had any probs withit yet....TT

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