ad-aware crashes-conflict with norton?

  cassiusclay 20:47 17 Oct 2004

running windows 98 and have installed Ad-aware by Lavasoft.When I try to start it, it scans as normal ,then when ready to delete the selected items it stalls- and will not respond and then I have to end the program via task manager

I have Norton anti virus and Im thinking that this must be the reason why adaware is stalling- a conflict - norton might be labeling adaware as a virus etc,
I have read about this possibility that adaware will be showing as a problem in norton and other anti virus programs. Is this the case here?
Can I uninstall Norton Anti Virus , run Ad-Aware
and then re-install norton afterwards. It is crucial that adaware runs because before it crashes it has shown up tons of rubbish including about ten possible hijacks.....

  VoG II 20:56 17 Oct 2004

You should be able to just turn Norton off, not uninstall it.

However, daughter's laptop has Norton and will run Ad-Aware quite happily. Which version of Ad-aware do you have?

  GaT7 21:30 17 Oct 2004

I feel the 'tons of rubbish' are probably crashing Adaware. Try installing Spybot-S&D, scan with that & remove the rubbish - click here. Also, run CWShredder click here. As a preventive measure get SpywareBlaster click here. When you're relatively clean, try running Adaware again. If it's still crashing uninstall it, d'load a fresh copy (w/o the aid of a d'load manager) & install the fresh copy.

I have Win98se, Adaware & NAV & have never had conflicts with them. HTH, G

  GaT7 21:42 17 Oct 2004

Forgot to mention, as far as possible, do NOT uninstall NAV (Norton Antivirus) as reinstalling it can be a very frustrating (& possibly futile) exercise.

Also, run scans with Spy Sweeper click here & A2 (a squared) click here. G

  cassiusclay 21:50 17 Oct 2004

yeah , I have already installed spybot and done a recent scan , ,and I did wonder if the hijack attempts were stopping adaware -I was actually going to to that - uninstall adaware then re download it but Im sure I have read that most anti virus programs recognise adaware as virus/spyware material . Not sure whether installing any of the other anti spyware-adware
programs will help though (I also have access to a pc running xp and I only use spybot and adaware+firewall and have no problems .~)
When I tried to tun off norton on the win98 - I couldnt find the off switch! right click no good and the interface has no such button.....dont get that...Thats why I still plan to uninstall norton etc etc,but thanks for your tips.....

  cassiusclay 21:54 17 Oct 2004

sent my post before seeing last one - Im thinking that it wont be a great problem if I dont reinstall norton on the win98, as I said before my XP system seems ok without any antivirus as long as firewall on and adaware+spybot running...

  JYPX 22:06 17 Oct 2004

No antivirus? Please don't even think about that option. If you don't want Norton get yourself one of the free ones.....By the way, I have new-found respect for NAV. In the last 4 days alone Norton has intercepted 15 spam e-mails with virus/trojan.

  david.h 20:25 18 Oct 2004

nav-adaware-spybot-all living happily on my pc with no problems, no need to disable nav while the others are running. you problem may be some other source

  cassiusclay 23:45 18 Oct 2004

ok ,so I uninstalled ad aware ,then installed adaware SE did the scan checked the entries and it seemed to work well....then after about five minutes online the connection is lost:dialogue box says "Freeserve connection kit"-"we are having difficulties connecting you due
to RAS error 720.Please enter your username,and re-enter your password,and then click connect.
-if this continues call ---- --- ----(phone number)and choose service status information option"

Also "No dial tone we cannot detect a dial tone- please ensure your modem is correctly connected.Hanging up."

I reconnect but it keeps happening....

However there is nothing wrong with the modem, modem settings ,internet connection, settings etc etc, - Un fortunately I uninstalled Norton before realising that I didnt have to.(thinking of using trend cillin insted(but havnt replaced it yet)maybe the spyware had took over the connection and was using its own username+password and thats why mine dont work now I got rid of them thru adawareSE...?or maybe its down to uninstalling Norton?..will I have to start over with OP or reload freeserve /wanadoo?

  igr 23:16 18 Nov 2004

Got the same problem - although I am running Avast. Will not update Ad-Aware and the quarantine routine starts to freeze. Not been able to sort it out. Did you solve it eventually?

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