Ad-aware Cloak

  powerless 23:02 03 Feb 2004

"Ad-aware Cloak 1.0 is designed to allow Ad-aware to open fully when there are items on the system which close Ad-aware when it attempts to start, such as some CoolWebSearch variants. To use Ad-aware Cloak, save it to your system, and run the program before opening Ad-aware. Once Ad-aware Cloak opens, click "Activate Cloak" and then open Ad-aware and scan as normal. When you are done using Ad-aware, close Ad-aware Cloak."

click here

  VoG II 23:09 03 Feb 2004

Thanks Powerless. There is a similar program available for Spybot click here then on "Ugly new CoolWWWSearch variant". 23:10 03 Feb 2004

actually get stopped from opening? That's something I never knew, never had it happen yet.

Thanks for the link though, will look later on.

  hoverman 08:35 04 Feb 2004

Same as here. Never had Adaware close on me when running but will download anyway.

  hoverman 08:51 04 Feb 2004

The message box which opens when Cloak is launched states that if Ad-aware runs and you can scan, then the program is not required.

  leo49 16:35 04 Feb 2004

So when can we expect the release of another utility to allow Ad-aware Cloak to run when there are items on the system which close it when it attempts to start,so that Adaware can then be run? etc,etc,etc,ad infinitum. This spyware/virus hysteria is becoming truly absurd.

  Proxy Worm 17:52 04 Feb 2004

You only need the programme if yo have some spyware on your system that prevents it and its better to getr cloak first as afterwooks some spyware wont let you to go to the adaware or sbybot site to download it.

  Big Elf 18:03 04 Feb 2004

Thanks for the information and link.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:03 04 Feb 2004

Have to agree with Leo49; what happens when Adaware's cloak's jacket's coverall's duffle-coat's gaberdine's oilskin's overcoat fails? This unnatural worry about *ahem* security, viruses and spyware is deeply disturbing. next thing people will be fessing up to having three AVs and doing an online scan twice a day. Fresh air and an almighty step back is needed here.


  Lionheart ? 18:07 04 Feb 2004

OK I fess up 3 AVs and scan three times a day :-)

  VoG II 18:07 04 Feb 2004

There's no way I'm gonna cut back my online scans to two a day ;o)

Seriously, these new variants of CoolWeb are dastardly, pretty well taking over your machine. I'm happy to have Ad-aware, cloak and any other suitable weapons in my armoury.

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