AD AWARE 6 - is it safe to delete these entries??

  Bucko1 11:18 20 Sep 2003

Ad aware threw up the following two registry entries which are listed as DATA MINERS and are to do with microsoft media player.
Presumably it is some type of spyware put in by microsoft.

Is it safe to let ad aware delete them or should I leave them alone?


HKEY_current_user:software\microsoft\mediaplayer\player\settings it is described as - "Media Player Unique ID"

Thanks for any advice

  Djohn 11:21 20 Sep 2003

I deleted mine two weeks back, and have not noticed any adverse effect so far! They are still in my recycle bin, just in case. j.

  ams4127 16:52 20 Sep 2003

Me too, and I emptied the bin!

  keith-236785 17:35 20 Sep 2003

every time i run adaware, anything found is binned, then emptied from recycle bin.

i always have system restore if i cock it all up

  Stuartli 18:18 20 Sep 2003

Data Miner's title should tell you all you need to know...:-)

Just delete them as they are of no value to you but are to others who put them there.

  mikef. 20:48 20 Sep 2003

As others have said just delete them, by the way they are not from microsoft but are downloaded by many sites, I no people like to blame M$ for lots of things but they are not guilty this time.

  Hitch-Hiker 20:56 20 Sep 2003

Just delete the lot I have never had any problems.

As mikef. says it is only downloaded from other places or copies of disk you may have borrowed.

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