User-F19B448A-819C-4883-991C282DFCFBDA20 15:53 19 Apr 2004

There have been so many updates recently for Ad-aware, that it seems to run slower than even a couple of weeks ago. Would it speed up if I uninstalled it and then reinstalled from the Lavasoft website?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:59 19 Apr 2004

I doubt it but worth a try I suppose and I'd be happy to hear the result.

  computernerdiamnot 16:03 19 Apr 2004

i have not noticed a great difference apart from when in deep scan on drive c it slows down a little but not really anything i really noticed, maybe because of extra files or software added. unstalling and downloading again is no probs unless you have noticed a great slow down then do so.

I uninstalled Ad-aware and then reinstalled and run it.The funniest is that it picked up 9 objects and I had only run Ad-aware just before uninstalling and nothing came up. Both times it was a deep scan performed.I dont know if it was just me or what, but it did seem to run faster. Weird!!!

  Diodorus Siculus 17:32 19 Apr 2004

Interesting result - I may do the same and see what happens...

  obbit 17:39 19 Apr 2004

i had a few updates that didn't follow on from the one previous e.g. O1R245 to O1R248 or similar.
so maybe reinstalling downloaded the full reference files.

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