Ad-aware 1.03 update

  sidecar sid 22:14 22 Aug 2004

SE1R5 22.08.2004 Available now

  VoG II 22:16 22 Aug 2004


  Djohn 23:20 22 Aug 2004

Hows the bike running? ;o)

  rawprawn 08:33 23 Aug 2004

Many thanks

  Mat2 09:22 23 Aug 2004

Many thanks sidecar sid

  sidecar sid 09:24 23 Aug 2004

Time to close.

Djohn,it's purring like a kitten(should be roaring like a lion)

  JYPX 13:15 23 Aug 2004

I think you should know that several people in the Ad-aware forums are reporting that the updater on 1.03 is not working. Seems to be anyone that has Zone Alarm. I don't have za but I did have a problem getting SE1R5.It appeared to be downloading but I still finished up with the previous definitions - not SE1R5.I had to download it manually then drag it into the programme folder. BTW, I simply replaced the old file - should I have renamed the old one?

  Andybear 20:47 23 Aug 2004

I haven't been able to download SE1R4, let alone SE1R5. I just get the message 'No updated components available'. I don't have Zone Alarm.

  Djohn 20:56 23 Aug 2004

The first version of the new adaware SE that was released two weeks back had a bug in it that interfered with updates. They released a new version within 36 hours, have you deleted the first version and downloaded the second release of SE?

  JYPX 22:06 23 Aug 2004

Andybear, You can still get any new updates. Just go click here and click on the latest update for SE Versions - ie the top item on the page, which takes you to the download. Unzip it and drag it into your Ad-aware folder. Open Ad-Aware - there it is. I don't have ZA either. Djohn - I think there is still some sort of problem (with 03)judging from the number of people reporting difficulties.....I am sure they will fix it shortly.

  Eargasm 23:04 23 Aug 2004

A big thanks mate,i think i had the first version of adaware SE and coulden't get any updates,I have just deleted and downloaded again and got the latest update no problem.

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