ActiveX & Norton Major problem

  MD__ 21:46 09 Apr 2004

I am running windows ME
Tonight a problem developed. Norton system works was doing a "one button" system check. I cant remember the exact details, but there was a disk frammentation & a disk free space error, some faults were found and i pressed the fix button. The fix commenced but shortly thereafter my pc froze. When i restarted it i got a symantec warning stating that some symantec product settings had been changed by an unauthorised program and that to avoid problems the pc would shut down and reset to original configuration.
I pressed ok then it said it was unable to do this and to un and then re install all the products.
My pc then goes into a limited desktop and i can only access programs from the explorer section and then when i press to display a folder it says" Your current security settings prohibit running activex controls on this page. as a result this page may not display correctly.
I cannot access internet or any other program and i cant access internet options.

  pat2068 22:19 09 Apr 2004


  MD__ 22:25 09 Apr 2004

sorry Leo am i missing something

  MD__ 17:17 10 Apr 2004

After digging about i am still no further forward.
It seems this activex warning usually refers to trying to get into websites, in this case i am getting it whilst trying to navigate and open folders.
Via the Folders search i can find certain files and i have even tried to delete all the Norton ones, but i am still at square one.
Is my only option to re format my hard drives?
Any help gratefully received

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