bgbopper 17:51 17 Feb 2008

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me on this prob that's started today & I've had no problems until now:

I have Vista on my desktop & I've been trying to upload some pictures to ebay to sell some items.

Problem is, everytime I click to "browse" folders to find the pics to upload, the "information bar" pops up stating "your settings do not allow Active X".

Well, blow me! I've done everything possible to get Active X allowed:
1) Gone to Internet Security &ticked the "allow" boxes;
2) Made security "LOW" on the internet custom;
3) Taken ebay advice & deleted all cookies & temp cache files;
4) Turned off UAC (user account control);
5)disabled all firewalls on windows & anti virus avast;

6) restarted internet explorer after each disabled item.
and still the "information bar" pops up!!!!

I know I am probably missing something very simple, but for the life of me I do not know how to get this working. I've used it before on ebay & its been ok.

There has been another problem since those windows updates on 12th Feb, & that was syncing with my pocket pc but I solved that.But this....
can anyone help please?
What I thought would take me 20 mins to list some items has now taken me 4 hours & I still haven't listed any!

  brundle 18:20 17 Feb 2008

Right click your IE icon, select Run As Administrator. Try again.

  STREETWORK 18:22 17 Feb 2008

It is highly likely that whatever anti-virus software you are using is preventing active x controls to run...

  bgbopper 18:54 17 Feb 2008

Hi, many thanks brundle. That did the trick to get the active x working, but another problem followed.

After clicking "upload" on the pic I wanted, another box came up stating:

"Run Time Error 9" & "Access denied".

sorry, I am a pc user than a techie, I am lost again now. Do you know please?

  brundle 18:56 17 Feb 2008

Run-time error 9, "Subscript out of range." ?

  bgbopper 19:37 17 Feb 2008

hi brundle,
I've just ben looking at that point on microsoft tech pages, but the error box that pops up on my pc does not actually say that. It just says "access denied error 9" It asks me to debug & if I click "yes" it pops up again & again. If I click "no", it just closes everything down.

confused more than ever.

  brundle 19:39 17 Feb 2008

Go to Tools/Manage Add-Ons/Enable Or Disable.

Is ebay listed and enabled?

IE7 shuts down you mean, not just the site?

  bgbopper 19:41 17 Feb 2008

hi brundle,
I've just disabled "scrip debugging" etc on the internet explorer settings, so I'll try it again and see if that is what's doing it.

  bgbopper 19:44 17 Feb 2008

your answer came up as I had done one of mine.ebay is listed and enabled on the add ons, and just the box from ebay for uploading pics etc shuts down.

  brundle 19:48 17 Feb 2008

Unlikely to help, debugging happens because a problem has occured in the first place.

Might be worth deleting it, clear cache/cookies/etc, close IE, perhaps a registry clean with CCleaner click here, reboot and re-install the Ebay addon.

  bgbopper 20:15 17 Feb 2008

I will do that. I've already got ccleaner on. I'll let you know how I get on. If not today, tomorrow as I'm on a early start & ebay will have to wait.

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