Active x survey playing havoc with this site

  961 10:47 08 Jun 2005

Am I alone in finding that an active x pop up for a survey is playing havoc with this site and the speeds just now

I can of course disable active x but that interferes with other sites I visit

  tws750 12:53 08 Jun 2005

dead slow! and search times out before its even started.

  BH34 13:01 08 Jun 2005

Also have a look at speakers corner

  dan11 13:13 08 Jun 2005

Try Avant browser. click here It will run with IE, firefox and opera. No need to change any settings. Never had a popup here with that.

Also try Mike's Ad Blocking Hosts file
click here, use the automatic one. Make sure you clear the browser cache before running.

I think you will find that pages will load faster.

  961 13:15 08 Jun 2005

Thanks, hadn't seen that

I realise the site has to be paid for, but this thing seems to load repeatedly however many times you shut it down. While it does this in preference to the server loading the thread I want I find the whole thing a total pain. Especially when the server eventually times out altogether and I get a page of details of what has happened

Quite apart from all that, however, some time has passed since I would click on something running active x from someone I don't know, whichever site it happens to be running on

  tws750 13:25 08 Jun 2005

speakers corner? 10 minutes and it still hasnt loaded, by the time this post goes through i'll probably be up to 15 minutes, and done nothing. and thats on a 2mb connection! zzzzzzzzzzz

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:41 08 Jun 2005

Use avant browser... click here. IMHO better than IE+problem solved.


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