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  tony-guitar 23:22 22 Sep 2004

Is Active X a problem? A work colleague has suggested i check out "", a site that's supposed to 'health check' your pc. It uses Active X, but i've noticed a fair bit of discussion on this subject, but not competent enough to deal with it

  hugh-265156 23:38 22 Sep 2004

agree with VoG™. pcpitstop is ok but with most of these online health check or analysis software do not believe all they tell you. everest home edt. click here is a good info tool and 9 times out of ten its accurate, it comes in very handy when you dont know exactly what hardware you have inside the box.

im not very well clued up about active x but in simple terms i believe it to be active content within a website ie/ when you click a download link a pop up apears to enable you to download or interact stream music or video ect within the website. xp sp2 blocks most active x untill you click the yellow banner and allow it. if you have just clicked a download link and you trust the provider allow it otherwise leave alone.

more info click here

  tony-guitar 23:44 22 Sep 2004

Thanx VoG, but can u please elaborate as i'm getting deeper'n'deeper into the unknown.(I'm still trying to learn this stuff - i only ran Spybot & got confused with its findings!,but i'm getting there)

  tony-guitar 23:51 22 Sep 2004

Thanks huggyg71. How did you add the 'link' to your reply?

  tony-guitar 00:07 23 Sep 2004

hi huggyg71,again. clicked on your google link about active x and didn't realise it was a microsoft app. probably ok then?

  tony-guitar 00:16 23 Sep 2004

thanks VoG(again).Getting there slowly. Sorry i can't add your "tm" trademark. Don't know how to! You must think think i'm a real plank, but i play a mean rock guitar (if i back-off the beer)

  hugh-265156 00:32 23 Sep 2004

hold your left mouse button down and drag it over the ww w.address in the address bar to highlight it then right click on it and select 'copy' then right click in the forum and aselect 'paste' to insert the address into your posting. when you click 'post response' it turns into a click here.

ps. as above even though active x is a microsoft thing dont allow it unless you have just clicked a download link or wish to view active content in a website you trust (xp service pk2)

anything spybot or adaware click here (another good one and should be used to back up spybot) finds is safe to delete. click on the findings for more info on the item when the scan finishes. most will be cookies no doubt and are harmless. run both once a week or so and delete all they find. in spybot click 'search and destroy' then click 'file sets' and tick 'spyware check only' would be my advice as it also searches for usage tracks and reg entries. although i have never had a problem with this it makes things easier when results are shown.

apywareblaster is another good one and actually stops spyware or adware from getting installed in the first place click here use all three, keep them up to date and run scans regularly. check out each programs help file for lots of usefull info.

  hugh-265156 00:34 23 Sep 2004

same for VoG™`s name etc. left click n drag to highlight and then copy and paste it.

  tony-guitar 00:56 23 Sep 2004

You guys are so helpful- i salute you. Hendrix was untouchable on a good day, but unlistenable on a bad one.Marshall amps are fantastic when you get a good one and shit when you dont! However,the genius Eddie Van Halen started a 'two handed tapping' style 25 yrs ago that is still used today by 'big boys'ie:joe satriani,& steve vai amongst many.

  tony-guitar 00:58 23 Sep 2004


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