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  davidg_richmond 01:12 16 Mar 2003

I am having trouble installing / running Personal Web Server on my Windows ME PC - is it meant to work on ME? (i'm very new to asp, havent a clue what im doing at the moment).

During installation Sysocmgr throws up an error and wants to quit. Then the installer says it cannot use windows\system\mtxtrk.dll, even though it is there and is an old DLL file (1997).

When it finally does finish installing, and the system is rebooted, i can run HTML pages through PWS but on an ASP page it throws back an error 500 (internal server error).

Could anybody please help?

PS will IIS work on ME?

  Falkyrn 09:05 16 Mar 2003

Some info re this can be found at click here

which are on microsoft supports pages

  harristweed 09:22 16 Mar 2003

Personal web server is ´flaky´at best. My advice, scrap it and install Apache. Takes 10 minutes and works perfectly on Windows ME with asp, php, msql etc.

  davidg_richmond 18:16 16 Mar 2003

thanks Falkyrn and harristweed, i have found an apache ftp site at click here i'll have to switch zonealarm off though, no problem. i'll keep this thread open until i can resolve the issue


  davidg_richmond 00:16 17 Mar 2003

thanks again, apache looks like a tough one to configure and learn so i'll try it out when i'm not so rushed! managed to get PWS working for now, ended up sticking Windows 98 on my second partition, and dual booting into it. PWS works perfectly in it!

Take care all,


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