Active partitions

  k_g2000 23:12 19 Mar 2003

Hi, I have a 2 partition 40gig HD.
10gig ME and 30gig XP, using PM I can chose which partition to make active or PQboot to chose which to boot from. I want to create a dual boot using the XP utility, I can re-install XP but not ME(allready on the system) any ideas on how to approach this?

  woodchip 23:39 19 Mar 2003

as you have partition magic just delete the partition with XP on it then recreate it and reload XP

  k_g2000 23:54 19 Mar 2003

Thanks woodchip, allready started a fresh installation of XP over the old. ME is showing as inactive OS/2 boot man is this a problem?
IS there a dual boot option or will I get it when I restart after the installation is complete? Thanks k_g

  woodchip 00:03 20 Mar 2003

You should not have any dual boot before loading XP, As Xp will set it up for you

  k_g2000 00:13 20 Mar 2003

Thanks again woodchip, I'll let you know what happens, the first time I tried a dual boot I had a 2gig partition before ME and XP didn't set up a boot option, I've deleted that partition and re-distrubuted the free space and ME is now my first partition so hopefully it will work.

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