Active directory

  spikeychris 15:26 23 Sep 2004

Anyone come across a tool in active directory that will log the use times of applications? Things like, the time a word doc is opened and closed and by who?

This would be running on 2K server with 3 thousand users each with their own profile. The reason I ask, my boss reckons there is and has tasked me to find it and set it up. I reckon there isn’t, or if there is I have never come across it.

  recap 15:37 23 Sep 2004

The following may lead you to an answer?

To set up auditing of files and folders, perform the following steps:

1. Click Start, click Run, type mmc, and then click OK.

2. On the Console menu, click Add/Remove Snap-in, and then click Add.

3. Under Snap-in, click Group Policy, and then click Add.

4. In Select Group Policy Object, click Local Computer, click Finish, click Close, and then click OK.

5. In Local Computer Policy, click Audit Policy.

6. In the details pane, right-click Audit Object Access, and then click Security.

7. In Local Security Policy Setting, click the options you want, and then click OK.

To specify files and folders to audit, perform the following actions:

1. In Windows Explorer, right-click the file or folder you want to audit, and then click Properties.

2. On the Security tab, click Advanced.

3. On the Auditing tab, click Add.

4. In the Select User, Computer, or Group dialog box, click the name of the user or group whose actions you want to audit, and then click OK.

5. In the Auditing Entry dialog box, in Access, click Successful, Failed, or both for the actions you want to be audited, and then click OK.

  leo49 17:29 23 Sep 2004

Thought you'd bought or been given a ticket to Siberia. Good to see you,though.

  rawprawn 17:32 23 Sep 2004

Nice to see you back.

  spikeychris 18:21 23 Sep 2004

recap I always thought that auditing was only used to find out when a user attempts to access a confidential file or folder. I didnt know you could audit other apps.

Cheers matey I will give it a bash.

leo49, it was a return ticket, rawprawn, good to be back.

  recap 18:34 23 Sep 2004

I have been looking in to this further Chris as I think there is a Script that can do what you are after. Will get back to you on this one.

  spikeychris 18:38 23 Sep 2004

Nice one.

  recap 11:01 28 Sep 2004

Morning Chris, I haven't forgotten about this. A friend (programmer) of mine is looking into this also.

  spikeychris 15:40 28 Sep 2004

Good man. :)

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