Active Directory

  PimpMonkey 16:46 16 Jun 2004

Can someone please help.
I have a Windows 2000 server that no one can log into. The Active directory cannot connect to the domain. I have looked through the event log and there are lots of errors but they all relate to problems caused by the active directory not working.
When I try and open the domains and trusts I get the error message that 'the domain does not exist or cannot be contacted'. With the connector manager it gives the error 'There are no connections installed'.
It was all working before.

  recap 16:50 16 Jun 2004

First thing to check is your Domain Security Policy. Something may have been changed in there or in the Domain Controller Policy. This is if my assumption is right that you can see a red disc with a white cross on it in place of AD domain?

  recap 16:51 16 Jun 2004

One other thing, are you using the correct username and password?

  PimpMonkey 08:50 17 Jun 2004

How do you check the domain security policy please. It is interesting that you say about passwords because when I started the server in Directory Services Restore Mode it wanted an old password for the administrator. If this is the problem how do I change the password without Active Directory.

Also you are right I do have a red cross in place of AD

  recap 08:57 17 Jun 2004

Go to Start/Programs/Administrative Tools/Domain Security Policy. You must remember that the Administrators account is by default in all the security policies, so be careful when and were you are setting security permissions. It is alway good practice to write down exactly what you are doing when changing any policies or creating them.

The password that it is asking for is the original, the very first password that was ever put on the system. It is nothing to do with Active Directory but the original Adiminstrators password. If you do not have this then you cannot change it or get into anything.

  PimpMonkey 09:54 17 Jun 2004

It's OK I have the old password.

I can't get the Domain Security Policy to open, I get the error: logon failure: the target account name is incorrect. Also several other services failed to start at start up.

I don't know if it's releated but the system drive has been running out of space, trhe guy who built it didn't make it big enough. I have been freeing up as much spce as I can.

  SANTOS7 09:57 17 Jun 2004

click here this may help

  recap 10:25 17 Jun 2004

There should only be a few programs on the drive that AD is on. Generally this drive is around 7 -8 Gb in size. You do need space for user Profiles on this drive. Then all other software etc is placed on other partitions, for specific departmental use.

The system here at work, has been partitioned as follows: C: drive 8Gb, which only has Office and user profiles on. Everything else is split between other drives (these drive are 10Gb - 15Gb). There is a total of 8 partitions with 16Gb of free space to use just in case.

I have one question PimpMonkey, is the server just used as a server or, does somebody use it to do normal day to day office work on?

  PimpMonkey 10:34 17 Jun 2004

It is just a server but it does get used for burning CD's and a few other things.

My C: drive is only 4Gb, it has been such a pain in the arse but there is nothing I can do about it now.

Do you know how I can get into the Domain Security Policy or somehow get the domain to be accessible again. This happen at a really busy time.

  recap 12:03 17 Jun 2004

exactly that it is a server, personnaly I would not use it for anything else.

Have you tried the link SANTOS7 gave?

Try logging in as an enterprise admin or domain admin.

It does look like somebody has altered a policy. It is a case of looking over every policy that you can get into to find out which one.

If you have been doing regular back ups then you may have to restore the system state back to what it was a couple of days ago. Hopefully you do not have to go back to far. The reason I say a restore is because you cannot get into either AD or DSP/DCSP to check on the GUID's as these may help you turn off what has happend.

This may help you with the event ID: click here

  recap 12:16 17 Jun 2004

You could also try creating a new MMC Snapin, it is unlikly that it will work but there is no harm in trying.

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