Ozy 23:21 17 Dec 2008

my friend has had to reinstall XP home, (oem )
when he tried to activate it by internet,
microsoft said it had exceeded the number of
activations aloud,and he should use another key.
does that mean he must buy another disc ?

  Belatucadrus 23:38 17 Dec 2008

If he's installing it to the same PC it originally came with try the phone option click here :-
"Activate Windows XP by phone

If you do not have a modem or an Internet connection, you can activate Windows XP by calling a Microsoft customer service representative. The Activation Wizard displays the toll free number that you can dial."

As long as he's not changed so many components that the system's changed beyond recognition, they'll probably give him a number.

  Audio~~Chip 23:43 17 Dec 2008

if he has actually installed the XP onto a other computer then this will be why he has invalidated the Product ID key.

  laurie53 08:08 18 Dec 2008

I have had to reactivate my copy of XP several times since the internet option ran out.

MS simply ask why you are reactivating and give you a number.

It takes just a minute or so.

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