activating windows

  User-A964BECF-28AC-450B-8707F7EBA2A7EF6F 17:26 03 Jul 2008

ive had this computer for over two years now im sure and it has worked fine up until a few days ago where it decided to tel me i need to activate windows? (XP) why has it only jsut asked me to do this? anway it says i can do it via the internet bbut now it cant find an internet connection? does anyone know how i can do this without having to phone up anyone, or does anyone know why it has done this to start with?

any help would be appreciated


  birdface 17:33 03 Jul 2008

Start .All Programs.Accessories.System Tools.Activate Windows.

lol good try, it wont let me go to the desktop or anything, it basically says this copy of windows much be activated with microsoft before you can log on. so i cant get past this point? any other ideas?

  bremner 17:36 03 Jul 2008

What is the problem with phoning up. It is free and takes 5 minutes.

  chub_tor 17:37 03 Jul 2008

Sometimes this just seems to happen with little explanation, perhaps software triggered it. Activating by phone isn't a problem it is just a long string of numbers that you have to enter exactly as they are given to you. If you can't restore your internet connection then phoning is the only solution

the problem with phoning was the phone in the house isnt near the computer one is upstairs one is downstairs and before when i have tried to phone up people tel me to do things as they speak and i have to run up and down stairs lol will i just be given a set of numbers to type in and thats it then? if this is the case i can do that write them down and then go upstairs and type them in yes?

  birdface 17:42 03 Jul 2008

Will it start in safe mode and maybe do a system restore to a date before you had the problems.

literally just starts up on its own and goes straight to the error mesage i typed earlier and i cnt do nething exept try and activate it. but phone sounds like an ok way to do it as long as i wont have to run back and forth a lot.

  Pamy 17:47 03 Jul 2008

Madman101, do you have a mobile phone(iI will find it hard to beleive that you do not have access to one,. Thatys your answer

no i dont own a mobile phone

  Pamy 17:51 03 Jul 2008

Get the use of one from a friend

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