Activating new PC.

  Meshuga 18:25 28 Jun 2007

I am awaiting delivery of a new PC with XPHome installed. I cannot remember what I did with the PC I have when I first got it so do I have to activate it in any way when first using it.

  I am Spartacus 18:37 28 Jun 2007

You will have to activate it at some point but you don't have to do it straight away. I can't remember how long you do have to activate it but you won't (I think) be able to download updates from MS until you do.

  mrwoowoo 18:38 28 Jun 2007

just plug in and away you go.
there is nothing to remember.

  mrwoowoo 18:40 28 Jun 2007

If you have not activated Windows XP, you will be reminded each time you log in and at common intervals until the end of the activation grace period of 30 days. If you have not activated Windows XP within this timeframe, you will need to do so to continue using it.

  dan* 18:44 28 Jun 2007

pre-installed versions of XP require no activation. The oem software is already triggered e.g. some HP machines.

Others will give the option to activate on line when you have your internet connection up and running. Usually upto 30 days. it will give you a gentle reminder every now and again.

  Meshuga 19:17 28 Jun 2007

Many thanks to all who have replied. As this is a replacement PC for an older one which is being pensioned off and will be plugged into a router on BB along with one other PC networked does activation still apply.

  Meshuga 19:46 28 Jun 2007


  VoG II 19:50 28 Jun 2007

You will still need to activate it, Meshuga.

It is painless.

  Meshuga 20:36 28 Jun 2007

Thanks VoG, I`ve a low pain threshold so it`s just as well. Regards.

  Strawballs 22:30 28 Jun 2007

If you have the new one connected to the router when you first switch on it will go through it's first start up routine and will detect you internet connection and will ask you if you wish to activate it online click yes and it will connect to the activation site and activate it for you.

  Meshuga 07:25 29 Jun 2007

Thanks Strawballs.

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