Activating a copy of XP using OEM product key

  Sie1 21:47 05 Jun 2003

I have a Compaq Presario 2700 laptop, brought from PC world. It was an ex-display model and did not come with a recovery disc.

I have a legitimate copy of XP installed with a valid OEM product key.

I have a XP installation disc (OEM copy, installed on another machine that I built).

The copy of XP is still working (barely).

What I would like to know is can I use my original OEM product key with a generic XP installation disc. I dont wish to screw up my damaged existing installation as any working OS is better than none.

The original recovery discs appear to be no longer available from Compq (HP).



  eccomputers 22:29 05 Jun 2003

If you contact Compaq and give the serial number and model of your laptop, Im sure they will sort you out. I am suprised that PC World didnt order you one, I would have said it was no good without it.
The problem is, do you have a licence supplied with the laptop? If you do, then you can simply download the drivers for your laptop and install XP from any cd.

  Sie1 22:48 05 Jun 2003

Thanks eccomputers.

I have a microsoft licence sticker on the bottom of my laptop which has the product key printed on it.

I took a look at the microsoft website whilst waiting for a reply and from what I can see, if the licence was a bulk purchased one, then it can only be used with the original installation disc. The information, however, seemed to be aimed towards the enterprise sector.

Have you had any success/experience of activating a generic oem copy of XP home with and original preinstalled product key ?

Sorry to labour the point, but I dont want to screw it up any more than it is already.

Kind regards


  User-312386 23:03 05 Jun 2003

yes you can use the XP disc from your other machine

The disc is ok to use

However, you will have to format your hard drive complely and then run the XP disc

You have a lisence so you may install

  Djohn 23:05 05 Jun 2003

If I have understood your question correctly, then I can't see a problem, but to be on the safe side phone M/Soft tech. dept and explain your problem.

As you have a legal product key on your PC, (and the Key is the important bit), but no CD or restore disk supplied, and you need to format/re-install, then I don't think you will have a problem from using a different CD.

The tech. people are friendly and helpful, they will require a few details from you to check the number, but that is all. j.

  Sie1 23:12 05 Jun 2003

Thanks all.

Anyone got a link to U.K. support line no. and I will give them a call.



P.S. Will leave thread unticked for the time being until I have a definitive answer, then post it here.

  Sie1 14:49 06 Jun 2003

I called the Dublin Help Centre for HP/Compaq and they are sending me a set of recovery discs free of charge.

Excellent customer service, I would say and the
call only lasted a few minutes !

Thanks for all the help.



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