Acronis, where is the DVD option?

  Ray5776 15:51 06 Oct 2007

Hi everyone,
I usually back up to an HDD but after a few problems also want to back up to DVD`s.
Acronis seems to back up fine with HDD or CD but I cant find the DVD option and I don`t have a million CD`s :)
Any help please.


  €dstowe 16:10 06 Oct 2007

Perhaps Acronis (wisely) doesn't recommend DVDs for your backup storage. I know I would never trust my backups to a DVD of any type.

  €dstowe 16:11 06 Oct 2007

N.B. I wouldn't put my backup on a CD either.

  rawprawn 16:11 06 Oct 2007

Just Click on your DVD/CD Drive as the destination (Backup Archive Location)and put your DVD in the drve

  rawprawn 16:12 06 Oct 2007

Like €dstowe, I wouldn't recommend a DVD. But it should work.

  Ray5776 16:17 06 Oct 2007

Fair comment Edstowe, not my Ideal choice either just a simple (or so I thought)secondary backup.


  Ray5776 16:32 06 Oct 2007

I have chosen DVD/CD drive as the destination but if I use a DVD it gets ejected and asks for a CD.
Maybe Acronis wont write to a DVD for whatever reason
not really a big problem anyway, just thought someone may know how to do this.


  [email protected] 16:36 06 Oct 2007

it should write to dvd but you may need packet writing software
click here

  Ray5776 16:53 06 Oct 2007

Acronis True Image will divide your partition automatically to fit on CDs or DVDs. Alternatively, you can specify the size of the files your disk or partition will be split into. If you are using CD or DVD, Acronis True Image will tell you when to insert the next disk.

OK so how to do I make it work?

  Ray5776 17:24 06 Oct 2007

Seems like I need a packet writer, I used to have one may have been called Pinacle or something like that I think it came on a PCA disk a few years back. Any ideas on this.

  Ray5776 17:32 06 Oct 2007

On second thoughts forget it I will back up to an HDD
if things have to be so complicated.

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