Acronis TrueImage Advice Required.

  julia23 22:25 24 Nov 2005

Hi all,
I am thinking of installing Acronis TrueImage Personal Edition which I have on a cover disc. My intention is to make a full image when all is well, as it is now, and save it to an external hard drive. I would then make a new image every week and just keep the two most recent ones. If at sometime in the future I had serious problems and wanted to restore an image, does the restored image just overwrite the image on the hard drive at that moment in time, or do you have to reinstall windows plus Acronis TI and then restore the image?

  Skeletor 22:39 24 Nov 2005

Hi julia23,
No, you don't have to reinstall Windows and TrueImage. You just use the Acronis TI boot disc (You HAVE created a boot disc, haven't you?) you can then install your image from the external HD.


  woodchip 22:39 24 Nov 2005

It overwrites the old, But the cover discs I used only lets recover from CD DVD or the Internal Hard Drive, but it would not work from My External USB2 drive

  Skeletor 23:00 24 Nov 2005

That's interesting woodchip. I must admit that I've not tried an external HD, but I do have a second internal HD which I use to store my images. I've not had a problem restoring from the second HD.


  Skeletor 23:13 24 Nov 2005

Just checked user guide, and it says,

"Specify the image location on the hard disk (You can use Acronis secure zone), CD-R/RW, DVD-recordable, or removable media, such as Firewire (IEEE-1394) or USB (1.0, 1.1 and 2.0) device."

  julia23 23:15 24 Nov 2005

Thanks for your replies. I have just installed it and made a boot disc. It's version 8.0 P.E. Edition and just allows you to do full images. I just started the procedure to make an image and it told me I could not make it on the same drive. I selected my external HD and that was acceptable though I then cancelled the procedure. I would like to make the image and then restore it as a dummy run rather than wait until I have to do it in earnest. I suppose I am scared of making a hash of my OS as it is now.
I take it that I must load the boot disc and then follow the prompts. Is that right?

  Simsy 23:28 24 Nov 2005

make an image on the drive that you're making an image of... if you think about it carefully you'll see that it doesn't make sense to do so...

To answer the question from your original post, when you restore the image you are restoring the whole drive, (or partition), to what it was when you made the image... you are REPLACING what is there with the contents of your image, including Windows, True Image, and everything else, so no, you don't ned to install Windows first.

If it's the "C" drive, where Windows runs from, it will say something like, "I need to restart because some windows files are in use" It will then restart and do what it has to. If you have made the Bootable CD you can boot from that instead and it then wont have to do the restart bit.

If the partiton/drive being restored is NOT the one with Windows on I don't think it will do that. (I haven't done that yet!)

I hope this helps.



  Chegs ®™ 23:30 24 Nov 2005

Yep,TrueImage is pretty easy to use.I have used TIv6,Deluxe(cover CD)which prompted me to get TIv8.937 as it allows incremental backups.Only snag I've found with this method is the whole group of images need kept,as I tried to recover via backup2 and it asked for backup1/backup3/backup4,etc to be present as well.Not a big problem,just the images take up 12Gbs total,whereas one "standalone" image would fit onto DVD-R.

  Skeletor 23:31 24 Nov 2005

If you want to save an image to the same HD you must create a seperate partition.

I don't know why woodchip had a problem, as the user guide states that a USB device is OK, but in light of that I would make further enquiries. Acronis has a forum that you could try

click here

In the meantime why not create an image on your external HD, it can't do any harm.

Yes, you load the boot disk (on bootup) and follow the prompts

It's just occured to me, if the "Check image" function recognises the image on your external HD and says it's OK, then surely it can be restored.


  julia23 23:52 24 Nov 2005

Thanks everyone for the help and advice. I will have a go at restoring an image tomorrow and let you know how I got on. Simsy, I appreciate that it would be ridiculous to store the image on the same drive, I only mentioned that it wouldn't let you because of woodchips first post.

  julia23 21:56 28 Nov 2005

Sorry for the delay in following up on this but I had to visit a relative for a few days. Had a go at restoring an image tonight and it worked a treat. Thanks for all the help, much appreciated.

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