Acronis TrueImage 6. Major Major Problem!

  Chegs ® 18:19 26 Feb 2004

I have the above prog,installed it in XP Home,and created an image of XP Home and all my apps.Then installed my XP Pro,but due to a little damage(I had to recreate a slipstreamed cdr)this doesn't work.No problem I thought,I can simply use the TrueImage to rebuild my OS and apps and return to XP Home until I find a way to fix my Pro cd.Wrong,TrueImage doesn't recognise my SATA RAID setup whether I run it from the CD or all four floppies(even though I created them on this setup)so,I had to reinstall XP Home,then a few drivers(fortunately my backups also included the XP Files & Settings Transfer)so I didn't have to reinstall ALL my hardware drivers to get here and post this.

How can I restore my XP Home image?

I also have DriveImage 2002,but this also let me down,as attempting to restore(not usually a problem,other than its very slow-taking over 2 hours to run)Having waited for over 2 hours,I noticed it had frozen,niether "Time Taken/Time Left" was moving.

  woodchip 18:24 26 Feb 2004

It look's like software not keeping up with Hardware to me. That's why I don't get the latest. There is a lot to be said for sticking with the old until things have settled down, Also they usually work out cheaper doing it that way

  Chegs ® 18:26 26 Feb 2004

Cheers Colin,but how does that help me restore my XP Home?

  woodchip 18:36 26 Feb 2004

No IDEA but it's putting you back to the top

  Chegs ® 18:37 26 Feb 2004

It wasn't that far down 1st page ;-)

  woodchip 18:44 26 Feb 2004

It soon will be if I keep answering Threads

  woodchip 18:46 26 Feb 2004

What about checking with Acronis site support or send a E-Mail they do respond fairly quick

  Chegs ® 19:12 26 Feb 2004

I have been over to Acronis to check for updates for version 6,but then came back here to see what else had been posted ;-)

The URL's of my Partitions click here and the TrueImage window click here

The Readme says...

"Acronis TrueImage, the only Windows-native, online hard
disk drive imaging software, that allows you to easily
create complete images of your entire hard disk drive or
individual partitions including all your computer data,
applications and operating systems. Acronis TrueImage lets
you restore your hard disk drive on the same or different
PC directly in Windows without annoying reboots! "

Only I have to reboot as my present C:\ partition is in use,and the chuffin' prog doesn't realise there is 240Gb's of SATA drive to play with!

If I had used DI to create this image,I would now be up and running again(albeit after a damn long wait)

  The Spires 19:15 26 Feb 2004

You may have to 'Upgrade' to version 7.

  The Spires 19:17 26 Feb 2004

Which may I add is not free, but slightly discounted.

  Chegs ® 19:19 26 Feb 2004

I have just had a thought(and it hurt)

If I restore the image to another partition,then use Partition Magic to set this as Primary,then delete the XP I am using,will it work?

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