Acronis True Image - but which version best?

  JYPX 12:52 01 Sep 2004

christmascracker and others have mentioned that this was free on the cover disc earlier this year.
However it would seem I have 3 choices. Install version 6 from the cover disc. Pay $29 to upgrade to version 7. Or....purchase latest version - 8.
The official forum for this product appears to be full of people unable to make the product work - and that applies to all versions. Now, I do realise that such forums do tend to attract negative posts but I would like your opinions on which of these 3 versions is best (best being most stable). Cheers.

  JYPX 13:39 01 Sep 2004

Good. Thank you.

  JYPX 14:34 01 Sep 2004

techpro - Not heard of that one. Looks interesting. Have you used it yourself?

  woodchip 14:44 01 Sep 2004

Only thing that I could not get free version to do was in a DOS environment it would not work with My writer. but it was not a problem as I just saved the Image to different Partition then copied to DVD or CD
It will restore from the CD or DVD it just would not save the Image to it

  rawprawn 15:39 01 Sep 2004

Excuse me butting in JYPX, but do you think the upgrade from the latest version of True Image 7 to 8 is worth £20

  rawprawn 15:43 01 Sep 2004

Sorry, I should have added I am very happy with True Image 7. It has saved my skin a number of times. I will await an answer from €dstowe to see what he thinks.

  rawprawn 16:48 01 Sep 2004


  rawprawn 17:01 02 Sep 2004

It wasn't don't worry, I was considering an upgrade to 8 but I won't bother thanks.

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