Acronis True Image transfer

  pj1664 18:51 09 Jun 2008

HI guys I am going to chg my hdd to a much larger hdd, I am going to use Acronis True Image, what i need to know is when I transfer my original drive to the new drive, do i need to have windows already installed on my new hdd or will Acronis True Image transfer a mirror of my old drive to my new hdd, just that if install a new installation on my new drive I would need to activate the windows again and I dont fency doing that cos I have had to have windows activated afew times due to upgrades on my pc and as I understand you can only activate windows so many times.So bottom line do need windows installation on my new drive prior to imagage transfer?

  Technotiger 19:01 09 Jun 2008

You need to make a Clone (not just and Image) of your old drive. A clone is specifically for transferring everything to a new/different drive.

You also need either an original Acronis CD or a Rescue CD made with your Acronis software. You then use this CD to start you new drive in order to complete the transfer of the Clone.

I have never had to actually do this (I do have Acronis 11, never needed it in practice), but I believe this is how it is done.

  pj1664 22:28 09 Jun 2008

Hi Technotiger, the free trial version does not allow me to make any rescue disk but the option it does have is to have a master and slave drive which it will copy files to but I am not sure if I should have the os on the new drive before the installation takes place. It does not mention it.

  Technotiger 22:49 09 Jun 2008

Hmm, I was only thinking of my own Acronis, which is the full version. I would advise you to buy the full version - worth every penny! If you upgrade from the trial version you will probably be offered a very good discount.

I don't think the trial version will be any good to you in the circumstances - though I suppose I could possibly be proved wrong.

Perhaps you should have a look at the dedicated Acronis Forum.

  mgmcc 23:21 09 Jun 2008

If you create an "image" of your existing hard drive in separate media (such as a USB external drive) that image *CAN* be restored into a new hard drive, which doesn't even need to be partitioned and formatted first. You will however need the full version of the program in order to be able to create the recovery disk with which to boot the PC.

  woodchip 23:37 09 Jun 2008

If you restore the Image to the new Drive it will put the partition on and Operating System plus all your Software etc. You will be left with free space that you can create another partition with XP

  Pine Man 09:37 10 Jun 2008

Just to confirm, you do NOT have to have your o/s installed to use Acronis.

  pj1664 14:12 15 Jun 2008

Thanks guys , I managed to do what woodchip suggested and it took about 20 minutes and all is good now. Thanks.

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