Acronis True Image software question

  bumpkin 17:35 06 Nov 2014

I know a lot of members recommend this for backup but I have never liked it, so not used it for years I prefer cloning although that has its disadvantages. I have paid for versions of Acronis 8 and also 10. 10 won't work at all,can't even install it. 8 works and has created an image to my external drive I think. I just want to backup a few changes not the whole drive but can't find that option.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:21 06 Nov 2014

incremental backup is the option you need.

  bumpkin 18:38 06 Nov 2014

incremental backup is the option you need.

it is the option I require, so where is it?

  bumpkin 19:03 06 Nov 2014

Jockie. having in the past bought 2 versions which I have failed to understand or they don't work another one is not tempting me a great deal but thanks for the link anyway.

I have the PC in question up and running in front of me the options are Create Image/Restore Image and Explore Image.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:22 06 Nov 2014

First image is always a full image

Create Image - select drive to image - select file location of where the image will be (external drive) - select type of back up (incremental)

  lotvic 19:30 06 Nov 2014

Choose Create Image

If you have an already created a full image (.tib file) then in Creating the imaging mode you need to put a dot next to Append changes incrementally to the existing archive

Full instructions in the .pdf user guide with screenshots, Chapter 4 (page 19)

direct download for user guide Acronis True Image 8

  bumpkin 20:40 06 Nov 2014

. Append changes incrementally to the existing archive, OK but says "Incremental imaging not is possible" Then starts "Processing please wait..."

  bumpkin 21:39 06 Nov 2014

Suddenly says it has done it but I don't know whether it has or not. Said it was not possible then what was impossible says it is now done. Too complicated for a simpleton like I.

  bumpkin 22:00 06 Nov 2014

Aside from that issue, when I clone a drive to an exterior drive the program asks me to test it and make sure that it will boot from the back up.. How can I test it if the PC won't boot from a USB drive. The only way to find out is if I clone it back to the HDD which rather defeats the purpose and especially if it does not work.

  john bunyan 10:11 07 Nov 2014

I cannot be bothered with incremental back up with ATI. I make a full image of my C partition, verify it (all after virus and malware scans). I keep 2 and on doing a 3rd , ditch the oldest. On another PC I do the same with Macrium Reflect (free). I do make ,occasionally, a clone of the whole disc on my desktop, using a pull out HD kept elsewhere.

  john bunyan 10:13 07 Nov 2014

PS I do have all my data on a F partition - for that I use Freefilesynch to make a daily mirror image on another drive. Very quick, and easier that incremental backups.

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