Acronis True Image and random crashes

  MIke 21:57 10 Mar 2005

I've e-mailed Acronis support on this problem, but have yet to receive a reply.

I'm getting random crashes when running this software under XP SP2 Home.

By crash I don't mean a BSOD or hang up but a fatal crash. PC actually turns off and reboots, as if pressing the reset button on the front of the case.

It doesn't always happen, and doesn't always happen at the same point of using the software. So far its occured when exiting the program, having successfully created an image, its occurred, when clicking on proceed to start creating the image, and has occured when half way through creating an image.

I've also had one occurrenmce where I started Acronis up, realised I still had MS Word open, and the PC crashed when I closed Word.

I do not get any problems when not running Acronis TI.

Windows usually, though not always, restarts with the option to send error report to MS. The first time it happened I did this, and was directed to a web page from MS identifying the crash being caused by an unknown device driver.

Last night I tried creating an Image and PC crashed as I tried to make the Image. PC then refused to re-boot into Windows. I tried fixmbr which didn't work. I was able to restore a recent Acronis Image of my C drive using the Bootable CD I created when installing True Image.

Fortunately with that Image I was able to boot into Windows. So I know TI works but is a pain causing these crashes.

Has anyone out there had similar problems, and even better a fix??

I've updated to the latest build (800) and it was this one that crashed last night causing me to lose ability to boot into XP.

I realise it may be a driver conflict, but can't find any help on Acronis site. I've sent them a system report as they request,and am still awaiting their reply



  MIke 19:34 11 Mar 2005


  MIke 21:48 18 Mar 2005

Appears to be a memory problem

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