Acronis true image on pca cover disk

  keef66 09:00 19 Jun 2006

I have Acronis true image 8.0 on my pc. I know it came from a pca cover disk, and it must have been before May 2005 cos that's when the files were created on my pc.

Trouble is, I can't find it on any of my pca disks. Anyone remember which issue it came with?
(I seem to remember I needed the description in the mag to find it on the disk in the first place, cos it isn't actually listed on the dvd case)

I'd like to find it in case I need to reinstall it in the future.

  JYPX 11:33 19 Jun 2006

Sorry keef66, it doesn't ring any bells with me. As far as I know only TI6 has appeared on a PCA cover disk (that was on cover disc 104). However Acronis True Image 8 "Personal Edition" was on the cover disc of Personal Computer World approx March to May 2005. I don't know what Personal Edition indicated as it seemed to be a full working version.

  keef66 11:56 19 Jun 2006

By george you could be correct! The timing would be right, and it does indeed call itself TI 8.0 personal. That would explain why I couldn't find it by tediously searching all my PCA disks. I need to go rummage in a different shoe box. Many thanks!

  keef66 08:58 20 Jun 2006

It turned out to be PCW June 2005. Many thanks; what a memory / filing system / search engine (delete as appropriate)
I think the 'Personal Edition' means it only does images of a complete disk (which is all I ever ask it to do) rather than selecting individual partitions, files etc.

Since it was a freebie I couldn't be happier!

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