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  23790954 17:37 19 Apr 2007

As an elderly pensioner, I build and repair computers for my family. A year ago I installed a computer system into my daughter-in-laws unisex hair salon, so she could use the PC for appointments, stock data etc. In case of emergency she backs up her documents, every Saturday, onto a CD/DVD in case her system should cease to operate correctly. The software she was originally using, which I installed, gave us no end of trouble, so I recently installed Acronis True Image 9, which I purchased. She has used Acronis for a few weeks, but yesterday she said she was unsure how to restore the back up data to a computer using Acronis. Due to this I obtained a copy of her backup DVD in an attempt to restore it onto my computer, and that is as far as I have got. I cannot find anywhere on the Acronis True Image software, where a programme refers to restoring the data. Can anyone who uses Acronis True Image, please explain to an old person, how to restore back-up data to a PC system using Acronis True Image. Easy understandable explanation would be very much appreciated.
Many thank to anyone who offer to help me.

  Quiet Life 17:52 19 Apr 2007

You have to run True Image. In the pick a Task menu that comes up select Recovery and the Wizard will appear whicr will guide you through the process of restoring the backup file (.tib) file.

  beeuuem 17:57 19 Apr 2007

As with all things in life, it is easy when you know how!

A detailed instruction on the restore procedure is given at click here

  piddletrenthide 18:45 19 Apr 2007

I've just upgraded to TI 10, but ran TI 9 for a year or so. The only glitch I found was that although its installation CD was labelled 'Bootable CD', when it came to the crunch it wouldn't boot in either of our 2 computers (yes, 'boot from CD' was enabled in the BIOS)

It's worth checking this. The CD I burned from the rescue media builder worked fine, it's just that I'd assumed I didn't need one!

  Pineman100 19:22 19 Apr 2007

(they don't write numbers like that any more)

I'm also an oldie who has recently started using Acronis True Image (my version is 8.0), and I'm just feeling my way like you.

I wonder whether your daughter's backup DVD actually contains everything you need to restore her system to your computer.

The first thing you need is the bootable CD or DVD that enables ATI to run outside Windows. You then boot your computer from this disc.

You also need to have the image of your daughter's system that ATI created (probably an original full image, plus several incremental images?).

Where does your daughter store her image(s)? Does her DVD contain both the bootable ATI and the image? If not then I don't think you'll be able restore from it.

  23790954 23:03 19 Apr 2007

Thanks for all your advice. My daughter-in-law was using NERO suite as a back up, and this worked fine, as it was possible to restore the saved data from the DVD onto any system, including my own, but it gave us severe problems in as much that the programme stopped closing after use, and caused serious confliction on the computer. Each time it was reinstalled it did the same. I was hoping that Acronis True image would do the same job, but once the data is put onto a DVD, which it does fine, I cannot get Acronis True Image to restore the data, onto any computer at all. When entering the restore programme, highlighting the DVD ROM, installing the DVD, the NEXT button fails to light on any occasion. If anyone can recommend a reliable easy to use software programme, which writes files onto DVD and then restores them from DVD onto a system, would you kindly advise me of such. Thanks to all who replied.

  alan2273 23:25 19 Apr 2007

I use Acronis 8 on one computer and and Acronis 7 on the other, I back them up to an external hard drive, that is much easier than messing about with DVD back ups.
I use an external Belkin enclosure with a 160gb hard drive in it.

It has saved my bacon several times.

All I have to do (it may be slightly different on version 10.) Is put the bootable acronis disk that I was asked to make just after installing the program, make sure that CD/DVD is set as first boot in the BIOS, then it asks you to select where to restore from so I just select the external hard drive and then it asks you where to restore to and away you go.

As external drives are relatively cheap, in my opinion it is the way to go.

  Spark6 23:33 19 Apr 2007

Bookmarked for an ATI9.0 user!

  beeuuem 00:52 20 Apr 2007

When restoring from the DVD, insert the DVD and allow it to be read by the drive. This can take a while depending on how much data is on the DVD. If you then navigate to the DVD drive, through TI, and expand the drive (from the + or double clicking on the drive letter)all the images on the DVD will be displayed. When you highlight the image you want to use (you can have more than one on the disk) for the restore the 'Next' button will become functional.

  23790954 15:12 20 Apr 2007

Many thanks for all help given.
Alan 2273, I would consider your advice, but, although as an elderly person I build and repair computers as a hobby, I have not yet mastered all hardware and software matters. First of all, is an external hard drive compatible with all motherboards. e.g. if a fault in a system was due to motherbaoard failure, would it be possible to install the external hard drive onto a completely different system, and would this work efficiently. In my case a backup is required every week on a Saturday, to record all data received that week, appointments etc. Would it then be just the case of transferring the necessary data from the original internal
hard drive to the spare external hard drive.
The only data to be backed up is in her documents folder/file. If you do respond to this Alan, may I say many thanks.

  Quiet Life 17:59 20 Apr 2007

Yes you can drag and drop or send to the USB external drive any files or folders and then drag and drop them onto any computer. The harddrive is immediately recognised when connected to the USB.
Flash drives upto 4gb are very cheap and useful for moving data from one computer to an other and like portable 2.5inch external harddrives are powered off the USB. 3.5inch external harddrives need a power supply and are much bulkier.

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