Acronis True Image 8.0 — more advice please

  Jim Thing 22:04 13 Apr 2006

In a recent thread click here rawprawn made me aware of the importance of the Acronis Secure Zone. I'm now trying to follow his advice.

I thought it would be sensible to create the Secure Zone on my external HD, which I bought purely for backups. However, the program produced a warning to the effect that this drive wouldn't be recognised at boot-up, and I would only be able to access the contents of the Secure Zone via Windows, so did I want to go ahead? No, I didn't — if I'm reading things correctly there would be no point in writing a full image of the system disc to the Secure Zone since it would not be capable of replacing a failed or corrupted Windows OS.

This seems to leave me little choice but to create the Secure Zone on my only internal HD, which is already partitioned for system and data. It's a 200GB drive, so capacity isn't a problem — it's the 'all eggs in one basket' situation that I was anxious to avoid.

I'd e-mail Acronis but it's Easter weekend, so I'd very much like to hear from anyone who has tried to create an Acronis Secure Zone on an external HD. In particular I'd like to know whether my interpretation is correct, or can I ignore the warning?

I suppose I could always buy a second internal HD and use my external drive as a doorstop...


  woodchip 22:09 13 Apr 2006

Well I use Acronis True Image 9, it sees my first partition on external USB drive so it may depend on your BIOS support

  Eric half-a-bee 22:11 13 Apr 2006

If you create the image on your primary HD then select the option to "Activate Secure Zone" (or something like that) you have the option of interupting the boot process to restore the image of your drive(s). You can still create another image on your external HD, but you would have to be able to to boot and run True Image before you could restore from the external HD.
The partitions shouldn't be a problem as creation of a secure zone allows you to choose where to create the zone.

  Jim Thing 22:30 13 Apr 2006

Thanks for prompt responses.

Woodchip — have you got your Secure Zone on your external USB drive?

Eric — I'm not sure I understand about creating an image on the primary HD and another on the external drive. I'll work on it though :-)


  woodchip 22:33 13 Apr 2006

No I do not bother with that I just create Images, Never found the need for Secure Zone. As I do backups of my files separate from Images

  woodchip 22:37 13 Apr 2006

PS the reason True Image cannot see the Secure Zone on a USB external drive is that it creates a small partition this would be the reason for it not seeing it. as it can only see the first partition on External drive

  Jim Thing 22:40 13 Apr 2006

I worked that way until recently, when I made a right Horlicks of things and managed to lose my entire Address Book (don't ask how — I dunno). Rawprawn suggested that I really should get to grips with Secure Zone, as you can do a full system replace simply by pressing F11. Sounds good to me...

  Hertz Van Rentyl 22:43 13 Apr 2006

I use a Freecom USB external drive and it works a treat. I had the opposite problem, this drive hijacked my boot order list and tried to boot from an empty disc, had to sort it out in the bios. The secure zone will not be visible in Windows so that message is a bit strange. Have you got a USB drive or something else.

  woodchip 22:43 13 Apr 2006

It's OK while the Drive keeps working but if the drive Goes you loos every thing

  Jim Thing 22:46 13 Apr 2006

Our last e-mails crossed en route. Thanks for the explanation. Come to think of it, I think the Secure Zone is invisible to everything but Acronis itself.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 22:47 13 Apr 2006

Well it sees my Secure Zone alright. Once you have it made it must see it or there would be no point in making it in the first place.

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