Acronis True Image 8 ad OE Address Book

  Jim Thing 12:12 09 Apr 2006

Advent PC (Athlon 64 3400+, Windows XP Home)

I'm currently recovering from a system crash with the aid of Advent's Recovery Disc and Acronis True Image 8.0. I always make full disc
images, keeping only the two most recent ones on an external HD.

The recovery seems to have gone according to plan, except for my Address Book. At a guess this should contain around 100 addresses but the AB recovered from the most recent disc image contains only eight — and Windows Explorer shows me that the earlier image contains exactly the same eight addresses(!).

In an earlier thread I read that the Address Book is accessible via C:/Documents & Settings/[my name]/Local Settings/Application Data/Identities/[long alphanumeric string]/Outlook Express. However, when I try to follow this path I get no further than [my name]; the next level doesn't contain a Local Settings folder.

Where have I gone wrong? And how do I get my Address Book back?


  rawprawn 12:24 09 Apr 2006

I don't really understand, if there were 100 addresses and you made a full image using Acronis they will all be there.Also why are you usind Advent recovery disc? and didn't you use Acronis secure zone.

  Jim Thing 13:18 09 Apr 2006

Like you, I don't understand what could have happened to the address book in each of the two Acronis images. In the initial panic following the crash, it's very likely that I've clicked on summat stupid and forgotten exactly what I did. At my age a failing memory is part of the job description...

The crash itself seems to have been caused by something having gone pear-shaped during installation of a new printer (I don't understand THAT either, but IMO it couldn't have affected the Acronis disc images).

I used the recovery disc because I didn't know what else to do (see 'initial panic' above!). My system couldn't be shut down except by switching off its mains supply, after which it wouldn't boot up again. I'm also unfamiliar with Acronis, never having had occasion to use it in earnest before.

I didn't use Acronis secure zone because I don't really understand it, and in any case I thought it was probably unnecessary because my images are on an external HD.

Thanks for respondng.


  rawprawn 13:24 09 Apr 2006

Tell me do you use/have both Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook on your computer?

  rawprawn 13:26 09 Apr 2006

Also please tell me how you are accessing your Address Book.

  rawprawn 13:30 09 Apr 2006

You really must start to use Acronis Secure Zone. It will save you all this trouble. Once set up, if your computer fails you just press F 11 and your problems are solved. We can help if you find something you don't understand when creating the secure zone.

  Jim Thing 13:40 09 Apr 2006

Outlook Express is my only e-mail program.

I'm accessing my AB as follows:
X:[= Acronis temporary drive]/program files/outlook express/wab.exe.


  rawprawn 13:52 09 Apr 2006

Sorry, I don't know. If you had been using Outlook I thought it may have got configured wrongly, but OE is not the same, the only thing I can see there, is when you open Address book in OE, there are 2 files "Shared Contacts" and "Main Identity's Contacts" make sure that you are looking at the latter.

  Jim Thing 14:09 09 Apr 2006

Aye, "Main Identity's Contacts" is the one I'm looking at when I open Address Book in OE.

Assuming that I have indeed done summat stupid while thrashing around in the ignorant dark, I can't imagine how it could have affected two separate images on an external HD.

But I'm afraid I'll have to leave it at that for now. I have to go out in a few minutes and won't be back until mid-evening.

Thanks for trying. And if any possible solutions occur to you I'll be delighted to hear them.


  Jim Thing 07:45 14 Apr 2006

I certainly agree that I need to learn how to use Acronis properly as you suggest. It's a case of Read The Septic Manual — carefully this time. So I'll cut my losses, tick this box and concentrate on my more recent thread at click here — and if my Address Book were to reappear, that would be a bonus.

Many thanks

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